Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh Costco

Ok we all know how dangerous Costco can be! I personally had several Costco visits where I had no self control:) and it showed in the end at that register! But that was before my Budget commitment! So yesterday I took
A trip out to Costco which here in mt. Juliet was a 1.5h round trip! In the morning I made a list and was determined to stick to it! Costco here is huge and there products are a little different from what I am used to in California. For example they do sell individual items like single milk, produce and some other daily necessities. I liked that since it saved me a trip to a grocery store. Unfortunately their produce did not look that great, let's hope it is not always the case! I did pretty well and one of my favorite items at Costco is their meat. It is really good and you can't beat the price! I usually get their chicken, ribeye steaks, roast and salmon! At home I cut the Salmon in slices and put two portions in a ziplock freezer bag. Steaks are one per Ziplock because they are so big we usually share one! The meat does really well and now when I do my weekly grocery shopping I don't need to worry about a big ticket item like "meat" plus the quality is really good.

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