Monday, April 30, 2012

Marbles, lawn mowers and other fun stuff!

Yikes, Mondays are just no fun and they bring a reality check with them! Back to "work" life!
While poor Hubby had to drag himself into work, Zach and I decided that today we declare " whatever Zach wants to do day"! Well let me tell you that he took it to heart when he showed up in front of our bed at 05:30, all smiles and a clear " hi Mommy, wake up" followed by a list of must haves: juice, milk, fruit bar and wonder pets!!! After a slow morning we made our way to gymnastics where we jumped and bounced and rolled and had lots of energy relief! When he was done with napping he wanted to play in his playroom! I bought some marbles ( $1 at Walmart) a few weeks ago and I thought I teach him! I am amazed how much fun he has with them! We had the whole font swallow or throw talk and he really did well! It gave me an opportunity to teach him about your turn and my turn, sharing and boosting his self esteem by making it a big deal every time he hit a marble! We then tried to aim for a small bucket and he got so excited when he got one in! We must have played for over 1 hour!!! E then helped me to paint his brothers letters for the wall, I have to admit I got a little nervous since a two year old holding a paint brush in his carpeted playroom:))
Since it was so warm out we decided to go outside and play in the kiddie pool. He decided to become a true Nashville child and went crazy with his lawn mower!
When Daddy came home he got some more outside playtime, hitting golf balls is definitely on the top 10 list.
It was a good day, I felt like I got a lot of quality time with my peanut today:)

Live with passion


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting ready! (plan ahead series)

We are still 4 weeks away from my due date but..... You never know and you can't start early enough to get ready ( as ready as you can get) for the newest arrival. I pretty much have all the baby gear from Zachy still and it was just a matter of washing and cleaning everything. The only thing we purchased was some new bottles an and a baby gym mat, since the puppies enjoyed the first one too much! It was fun going through all the baby stuff and I really enjoyed it! Memories come back and it made me smile every time! We still have some items on our "to do list "
- put crib together
- put car seat adapter on stroller
- get big brother gift! Etc....
But so far we making great progress!

Live with passion!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frozen Food (plan ahead series)

OMG- we are going to meet our little man soon. We are so excited and busy with sorting through newborn clothes, washing all the nice baby shower clothes that were given to us so generously by you! Cleaning baby gear etc. The list is endless! Today I got a little preview that our life's will be a little more busy soon. Zach spiked a high fever and all he wanted to do is to be on Mommy, Glenn is traveling and I started my "to do list" but dropped pretty much everything to comfort my little peanut!
Since we just recently moved here we don't know to many people/ families and Glenn and I are "the team" when Alexander arrives! From Zachy I remember that babies seem to have this inner clock to have their fussy times right around dinner time!
My idea is it from now on to double my recipes and start freezing meals! I also love my crockpot and write recipes down on a flash card. I then put them into a special box in my kitchen! Also keeping an inventory list of my frozen meals helps me to have an overview! When we are ready to eat we just add a salad or some steamed veggies!
Oh and if you are a slow cooker fan try the slow cooker liners! I promise you, you will love them!

Live with passion!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snack (plan ahead series)

Life gets busy sometimes and it's all about planning ahead.
One example is snacks. We now live about 15 minutes from grocery stores, park, target, gymnastics etc. Zach loves to snack in the car and getting out of the house becomes a long process and a second baby on the way makes it probably more difficult:)
So I thought why not taking some time and prepare snack bags!
I used Ziplock snack bags and filled them with: crackers, pretzels, raisins, cheddar popcorn, dried fruit etc.
It took me about 20 minutes while I was watching my favorite show on my iPad:). The best part is I have more room in my already small pantry with all the packaging gone!
Stay tuned for more "plan ahead"

Live with passion!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playtime with your toddler

If your playroom looks like mine then we might have loads of cars, motorcycles, ramps, trucks and hot wheels in common!
When I ask Zachy " what do you want to play"?
Zachy: "cars Mommy, I want to play cars"!
Me:( eyes rolling) "ok"
Keep in mind I was a Nanny for two little girls and I am a "girl" so the whole car territory is foreign to me:)
So recently I tried to think of fun little scenarios that include cars but would also engage his Legos and his imagination. Here are a few examples:
• he would line up his cars and I then separate them by color, model or size and he will tell me the color and we count the cars!
• we will include the ramp and pretend that the car needs gas and for gas we need money so we need to stop at the bank( that's when I get his play money out)! After the bank the driver is hungry ( we engaging his toy food)!
• building a parking garage out of Legos is fun as well and he will use his fine motor skills to put Legos together and carefully maneuver the car into the parking space, where he might bump the neighbors car and we need to apologize to the neighbor( teaching him responsibility)!
• lately Zachy will ask me people names, especially watching a kids program on Tv. So playing cars we built a mechanic service station out of Lego and the mechanic ( a Lego figure) named Joe took care of his car; tire change ( explaining car parts) or fixing a scratch!

I now enjoy playing cars and challenge myself to come up with little scripts! Zachy fully enjoys these moments and I feel good knowing we spend some important quality time together!

Let me know about your little "scripts" I am always looking for great ideas:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vegetable Garden!

Saturday morning we were watching the news and they had a special about DIY vegetable Garden. I said "I always wanted one"
My hubby responded: " let's do it then". The night before we bought a scratchy ticket and I won a pretty nice amount:) so I thought what better way to spend your win! We went to Home Depot and got all the supplies:) coming home we realized we are missing gardening tools since we really never had a real garden:)
Since it was freezing cold we thought that we postpone our project until Sunday! My hubby did such a great job preparing a nice spot for the veggies in our backyard! After he dumped 10 bags of soil in it, I was ready to plant my seeds and plants! We planted: beans, carrots, onions, herbs, squash, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli and tomatoes!
I find it very satisfying when you se the first little stems lurking from the soil! Also I am very excited to teach Zachy how veggies are grown and where the come from:)
Which me luck for a green thumb!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Picnic

A rough day at work for my hubby!
What better way to let the day quiet down in peace! With a nice picnic while watching our two year old playing in the water. It was one of those warm spring days that warmed you from the inside. We just packed a few items... Crackers, hummus, cheese and wine! The sunset was beautiful and my Hubby was able to relax a little!
Loved this warm spring day in April!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stay at Home Mom

When I had my first son I had to go back to work after 5 month of being with him! I remember the first week after he was born I wanted to go back to work right away! I was ready for a 12 hour shift, anything to get my life back to the way it was. Let's face it crazy hormones were talking:) After my Maternity leave was over I was very sad leaving him in somebody else's care! I remember the first week I felt terrible and tears were rolling down my cheeks while driving down the 210!
But after finding my identity back as a nurse things became easier! I actually loved both worlds of working and being with my child which was 4 full days out of the week!
I could have never imagine to be a full time stay at home Mom!
Well here I am today on a sunny beautiful day in Tennessee and guess what! I am a stay at home Mom for now:)
Our move to Nashville and having a two year old plus another one on the way and my husband starting a new job made me become a SAHM:)
It is a role that I for sure need to grow into! My challenges are;

1. Patience: I learned the importance of taking a deep breath and tune it out:)
2. Noise level: with a two year old and two vocal pups it does get a little crazy once in a while! What helps? Music, happy tunes! Definitely not yelling!
3. Are there any grown ups around? I admit going to the park and listening to Moms talking to each other makes me giggle inside and I know with patience I will be thee soon too! Still getting used to the Southern way of life( very different from Cali) maybe it does not help that my munchkin throws sand into another 2 year old face, hmm got to address that!
4. I miss my identity as a nurse a lot! Helping others and see the immediate results has something very satisfying! Explaining something to a Toddler and seeing the opposite done, not so much! But if you are aren't all of a sudden one day you see that wished for behavior and it brightens your day!
5. Negotiating with a Terrorist: it sounds pretty mean but it sometimes does remind me of excactly that! Stubborn as can be and "no" seems on his top list right now! He challenges me with that smirk on his face and I feel helpless sometimes!

But all that said I love how he turned out to be this gentle sweet hearted boy that loves to kiss and cuddle and loves his Mommy and Daddy so dearly and passionate! I love seeing him blossom and expand his horizon every day because of what we teach him. It is truly amazing how much love you have for children. It's instant and unconditional! For now I will enjoy my role as a SAHM and knowing there are options is wonderful!

Her is to all of you stay at home Moms : you have all my respect!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stay positive

This week is my self announced stay positive week. I get way to much anxiety about things that I can't even control, so this week is all about mastering those feelings and turn them into something positive:)
I will keep you posted!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Aldi is originally from Germany and it is a discount store. The Aldi brothers also own Trader Joes. One of the brothers recently passed away! The Aldi Brothers are in the Forbes top 10 richest people in the world.
What I love about Aldi:
When I go shopping I do not really care about display as long as the store is clean! At Aldi all the food is on pallets in boxes, yes sometimes you have to open a box yourself:) Also in order to get a Cart you need to have a quarter ready because the carts are chained, which saves costs which then reflects in the prices of your items:)
They do have a great variety of almost everything.
Let me give you some examples:
Fruit bars $1.49
12 chocolate ice cream bars: $2.49
Cheese slices (10 slices) $1.99
Apple juice (regular size) $1.49

They also have a fit line, the lowfat,low sugar etc deal!
I do stay away from meat since I shop for that at Costco and get great quality for a fair price:)

Here is the downside: Aldi is not yet present on the west coast:((

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Since we moved to Nashville I found a couple of good bargain stores. One of them is good old "Goodwill" It is different out here, its not over crowded and the deals are great. Especially Toys are awesome. Its fun taking Zach and let him choose whatever he would like. We are in the middle of potty training and rewards are toys, so we are saving money and the toys are in great shape. We also find very unique things. 

One of my recent scores was an electric dartboard. The price was $1.99 and I thought, hmm i cannot go wrong with that price tag. At home I found an old charger (which we have so many of) which matched the dartboard and it was working. After digging in the garage I found my husbands old darts. They are really neat since they have German and American flags on them. I cleaned the Board and now all is left is hanging the new board in the "playroom" 
So excited for evening dart matches with my hubby:))