Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Since we moved to Nashville I found a couple of good bargain stores. One of them is good old "Goodwill" It is different out here, its not over crowded and the deals are great. Especially Toys are awesome. Its fun taking Zach and let him choose whatever he would like. We are in the middle of potty training and rewards are toys, so we are saving money and the toys are in great shape. We also find very unique things. 

One of my recent scores was an electric dartboard. The price was $1.99 and I thought, hmm i cannot go wrong with that price tag. At home I found an old charger (which we have so many of) which matched the dartboard and it was working. After digging in the garage I found my husbands old darts. They are really neat since they have German and American flags on them. I cleaned the Board and now all is left is hanging the new board in the "playroom" 
So excited for evening dart matches with my hubby:)) 

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