Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frozen Food (plan ahead series)

OMG- we are going to meet our little man soon. We are so excited and busy with sorting through newborn clothes, washing all the nice baby shower clothes that were given to us so generously by you! Cleaning baby gear etc. The list is endless! Today I got a little preview that our life's will be a little more busy soon. Zach spiked a high fever and all he wanted to do is to be on Mommy, Glenn is traveling and I started my "to do list" but dropped pretty much everything to comfort my little peanut!
Since we just recently moved here we don't know to many people/ families and Glenn and I are "the team" when Alexander arrives! From Zachy I remember that babies seem to have this inner clock to have their fussy times right around dinner time!
My idea is it from now on to double my recipes and start freezing meals! I also love my crockpot and write recipes down on a flash card. I then put them into a special box in my kitchen! Also keeping an inventory list of my frozen meals helps me to have an overview! When we are ready to eat we just add a salad or some steamed veggies!
Oh and if you are a slow cooker fan try the slow cooker liners! I promise you, you will love them!

Live with passion!

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  1. It seems I am always traveling when there is something crazy going on. This time my flight was cancelled and I missed Daniela's yummy Gulasch! I hope she froze some. :-)