Monday, April 30, 2012

Marbles, lawn mowers and other fun stuff!

Yikes, Mondays are just no fun and they bring a reality check with them! Back to "work" life!
While poor Hubby had to drag himself into work, Zach and I decided that today we declare " whatever Zach wants to do day"! Well let me tell you that he took it to heart when he showed up in front of our bed at 05:30, all smiles and a clear " hi Mommy, wake up" followed by a list of must haves: juice, milk, fruit bar and wonder pets!!! After a slow morning we made our way to gymnastics where we jumped and bounced and rolled and had lots of energy relief! When he was done with napping he wanted to play in his playroom! I bought some marbles ( $1 at Walmart) a few weeks ago and I thought I teach him! I am amazed how much fun he has with them! We had the whole font swallow or throw talk and he really did well! It gave me an opportunity to teach him about your turn and my turn, sharing and boosting his self esteem by making it a big deal every time he hit a marble! We then tried to aim for a small bucket and he got so excited when he got one in! We must have played for over 1 hour!!! E then helped me to paint his brothers letters for the wall, I have to admit I got a little nervous since a two year old holding a paint brush in his carpeted playroom:))
Since it was so warm out we decided to go outside and play in the kiddie pool. He decided to become a true Nashville child and went crazy with his lawn mower!
When Daddy came home he got some more outside playtime, hitting golf balls is definitely on the top 10 list.
It was a good day, I felt like I got a lot of quality time with my peanut today:)

Live with passion


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