Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playtime with your toddler

If your playroom looks like mine then we might have loads of cars, motorcycles, ramps, trucks and hot wheels in common!
When I ask Zachy " what do you want to play"?
Zachy: "cars Mommy, I want to play cars"!
Me:( eyes rolling) "ok"
Keep in mind I was a Nanny for two little girls and I am a "girl" so the whole car territory is foreign to me:)
So recently I tried to think of fun little scenarios that include cars but would also engage his Legos and his imagination. Here are a few examples:
• he would line up his cars and I then separate them by color, model or size and he will tell me the color and we count the cars!
• we will include the ramp and pretend that the car needs gas and for gas we need money so we need to stop at the bank( that's when I get his play money out)! After the bank the driver is hungry ( we engaging his toy food)!
• building a parking garage out of Legos is fun as well and he will use his fine motor skills to put Legos together and carefully maneuver the car into the parking space, where he might bump the neighbors car and we need to apologize to the neighbor( teaching him responsibility)!
• lately Zachy will ask me people names, especially watching a kids program on Tv. So playing cars we built a mechanic service station out of Lego and the mechanic ( a Lego figure) named Joe took care of his car; tire change ( explaining car parts) or fixing a scratch!

I now enjoy playing cars and challenge myself to come up with little scripts! Zachy fully enjoys these moments and I feel good knowing we spend some important quality time together!

Let me know about your little "scripts" I am always looking for great ideas:)

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