Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stay at Home Mom

When I had my first son I had to go back to work after 5 month of being with him! I remember the first week after he was born I wanted to go back to work right away! I was ready for a 12 hour shift, anything to get my life back to the way it was. Let's face it crazy hormones were talking:) After my Maternity leave was over I was very sad leaving him in somebody else's care! I remember the first week I felt terrible and tears were rolling down my cheeks while driving down the 210!
But after finding my identity back as a nurse things became easier! I actually loved both worlds of working and being with my child which was 4 full days out of the week!
I could have never imagine to be a full time stay at home Mom!
Well here I am today on a sunny beautiful day in Tennessee and guess what! I am a stay at home Mom for now:)
Our move to Nashville and having a two year old plus another one on the way and my husband starting a new job made me become a SAHM:)
It is a role that I for sure need to grow into! My challenges are;

1. Patience: I learned the importance of taking a deep breath and tune it out:)
2. Noise level: with a two year old and two vocal pups it does get a little crazy once in a while! What helps? Music, happy tunes! Definitely not yelling!
3. Are there any grown ups around? I admit going to the park and listening to Moms talking to each other makes me giggle inside and I know with patience I will be thee soon too! Still getting used to the Southern way of life( very different from Cali) maybe it does not help that my munchkin throws sand into another 2 year old face, hmm got to address that!
4. I miss my identity as a nurse a lot! Helping others and see the immediate results has something very satisfying! Explaining something to a Toddler and seeing the opposite done, not so much! But if you are aren't all of a sudden one day you see that wished for behavior and it brightens your day!
5. Negotiating with a Terrorist: it sounds pretty mean but it sometimes does remind me of excactly that! Stubborn as can be and "no" seems on his top list right now! He challenges me with that smirk on his face and I feel helpless sometimes!

But all that said I love how he turned out to be this gentle sweet hearted boy that loves to kiss and cuddle and loves his Mommy and Daddy so dearly and passionate! I love seeing him blossom and expand his horizon every day because of what we teach him. It is truly amazing how much love you have for children. It's instant and unconditional! For now I will enjoy my role as a SAHM and knowing there are options is wonderful!

Her is to all of you stay at home Moms : you have all my respect!!!

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