Monday, May 14, 2012


I needed a fun idea on how to teach my two year old colors. He loves to learn but for some reason he has a difficult time with colors. Everything is pink ! Kind of cute:) 
We now have designated color days. Maybe three colors a week so he gets a break as well. We are starting with basic colors like Green, red, blue, yellow! 
I will stick to those basic colors for a few weeks and repeat it again, I realized sometimes you do not get an immediate response or understanding from your Toddler. Zach surprises me often when he comes up with a new thing that we actually taught him a few weeks ago. 
Today we started the week with the color Green!

                                            We started with a green outfit, well somewhat green! 

A nature walk is perfect to teach the color green, trees, grass, leaves, even our trash cans are green :) 


This guy was across from our driveway when we were leaving for gymnastics. As if he knew he would be useful today:) Turtle: green!
 I went on google and googled images to color: we colored a tree, iguana, snake, and frog with green crayon, and markers! I created a special folder for his artwork. You could also do green stickers or just green finger paint. Hobby Lobby has some wood animals, like frogs or dinos that you could also color green and then play with them after.

                                                       Pretend play with green foods.
Our little boy has so many racing cars, but this time we only looked for the green ones. 

At the end of the day when we were sitting at the dining room table, my husband asked ZAch about what color he learned today. I showed him a green salad leave and Zach said pink!
Too funny, lets see when it actually registers. 

Live with passion 


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