Thursday, May 17, 2012

cooking made easier!

Let's face it... I only have one little munchkin right now and I already feel like cooking takes up a lot of time sometimes. I try to balance our dinners. I did grow up very traditional with meat every day and Roast on Sundays and part of me keeps some tradition going (like the roast on Sunday) but I also realize that we need to eat more clean. 
So my dishes usually include fish/meat/vegetable dish sides either a salad or a vegetable and a s a grain choice I alternate between Israeli cous cous, rice pilaf, rice, polenta, potato (rare), pasta. 

Here is what makes cooking a little easier 

The steamer bags are so great! They steam almost any vegetable. They have instructions on the back on how long to put them into the microwave, depending on the amount. The nice thing is after you steamed them just add salt/pepper/spices/ fresh herbs with olive oil and it tastes great and fresh, best part no clean up. I usually wash them out and use them up to three times. 

A few times a month I like to use my slow cooker and I really dislike the cleaning part. It's so bulky and does not fit in the sink etc.. Well these liners are awesome. After you done you just grab the liner and toss it, wipe your slow cooker down and store away! 
They are also great when I bring soup or a dip along that needs heat. I make it at home and grab the liner top, put a rubber band around it. When I transport my dish (in crock pot)  in the car I have no spilling. 

Garlic! For some reason my hands smell like garlic forever when I touch it. I once went to a cooking class from Trader Joes and they told me to rub my fingers over stainless steel. I really don't think it works. 
TJ has this really nice crushed garlic, just keep it in your freezer and pop a garlic cube in your pan when needed. The individual cube trays make it very simple. 

Live with passion


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