Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Fabric softener!

Browsing Pinterest I came across a pin about fabric softener! One of the ingredients is white vinegar. I am a big fan of white vinegar. My grandpa in Germany used to clean most everything in his house with White Vinegar. I still remember walking in his house and his kitchen smelled so strong, he used it for his coffee maker to make it run better again. I use it for my washer once in a while to prevent the built up from water.

Here is the recipe for "FABRIC SOFTENER"

                                                                            You will need 
                                                                        - 6 cups of hot water 
                                                                        - 3 cups of white vinegar 
                       - 2 cups of a Hair conditioner ( I prefer low cost: Suave), pick a scent that you like 
                                                                       - container ( I used an old juice container ) 

Mix all the ingredients together and fill it in a container of your choice, please make sure to store away from small children! 

The result is fresh smelling laundry, and huge cost saving...... wash away!!! 

Next I want to try laundry detergent... I will keep you posted.

Live with passion



  1. I've often thought about doing this, but currently I rarely (if ever) use fabric softener. I look forward to seeing what else you do homemade. I use vinegar a lot around the house too :-)

  2. The laundry smells great too!