Friday, May 4, 2012

Finger Painting on a hot humid spring day!

91  degrees and 92% humidity did not stop my little guy from being and outside adventurer! We played in the pool for a while and blew bubbles while we listened to Pandora (love Jim Gill Station, nice toddler tunes with a jazz twist. )

Today we did finger painting outside and we had so much fun. Zach was really into it and started to paint himself, his Mommy, the rocks that were holding the paper down and the table. 

                                                 These colors are nontoxic and clean up easily

While he was painting the picture, he talked about his Daddy and that he will give it to him because he is coming home soon! 

Mommy's Handprint on Z man's back! 
Who needs paper when you have such a beautiful canvas available :) 
The end result!!!

Now off to shower, Daddy just came home. TGIF!!!

Live with passion

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