Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meal planning!

I recently saw a coupon on "living social.com", it was by emeals.com and I thought I give it a try!
This website offers to plan your dinners for one year every night according to your needs! You can choose your meal plan by size of family, store, or preferences like; clean eating, low carbs, portion control!
Once you choose your meal plan it triggers a weekly menu with ingredients and simple recipes. It also triggers a shopping list which is super organized. The list is divided in columns; meal number ( so if you omit a meal you know what groceries not to buy) grocery item and a Column for additional groceries you might need during your weekly shopping!

I tried for two weeks now and I absolutely love it: for me it is always a brainer; what's for dinner? My grocery day is Wednesday and I print the list on Tuesday evening while I watch TV. I sometimes take meal out ( take out or going out for dinner day) I adjust it on my shopping list or I swap it for a dinner that I usually make:)

I am impressed on how organized this meal plan is and at the end of your week you did not waste any ingredients since you used them in 2 or 3 different recipes!

One less thing to pull my hair out over:)))

Try it and live with passion!

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