Thursday, May 10, 2012


Roomba, yes or no?

Roomba is an automated small round vacuum device! It has a set of rubber brushes and bristles brushes, also 3 small side brushes to scoop up dirt!
I have my Roomba for over a year now!

- Roomba measures the room and vacuums everywhere, even under the bed!
- great for large rooms, before you go to bed, or leave the house turn Roomba on and it's done!
- Roomba automatically docs itself when done and charges!

- I bought my Roomba at Bed Bath Beyond: thank goodness because I am on my fourth Roomba, exchanging is easy!
- you have to get to know Roomba,'it gets stuck on really random things!


After a while you get to know what ticks Roomba off but once you are beyond that it's really a helpful device. It vacuums very thoroughly and I have to empty it almost after every room! Since I have a little guy I don't always get to bring out the vacuum! The playroom is so big it takes me forever, so before going to bed Roomba is on duty! And waking up the next morning and seeing vacuum lines is so calming :))))

Consider it, I heard Costco has great deals and a great exchange policy!

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