Friday, May 18, 2012

Toddler Mania!

I like to think of my glass half full at all times! I believe an optimistic mind creates a happier you! Don't sweat the small stuff, right? 
Happiness has always been important in my life, that's why I married my husband because he makes me laugh so hard almost every day! 

I think because of our recent move and me being 38 weeks pregnant my glass sometimes seems half empty. The last two month were very emotional for us and I sometimes forget that our little Zach might feel the same or at least senses what his Mom and Dad feel. 

Zachy did so well with the change, he amazes me! I think because of all the changes in his life I totally forgot about the "twos" I refrain from calling them the terrible twos since my memories of him will never be associated with terrible. 
But boys oh boys is he stubborn right now, he has endurance that I never had or have. A battle over not running on streets or about throwing the golf clubs after the dogs can drag forever. And if you know me, you know patience is not my best strentghs. Don't get me wrong we discipline him and such behavior is certainly not desired, but I also learned to pick my battles. Here is why:
He is becoming his own person and he developing a personality that we as parents need to help to shape and guide but without breaking their spirits and push our personality on him at all times. 
There needs to be room for feelings of frustration and anger, again we are here to make sure that it happens in a safe and reasonable way. Just imagine being that age and having all these emotions and you just don't know how to express them or how to handle them, as a parent it is our job to identify such and help them to express/ handle their feelings. It usually does happen in a playful way or if you have their attention (seldom) a good explanation is also very helpful. Don't expect instant gratification but wait a few days or weeks later your little one will surprise you. That's when you have an awesome parent moment and you should bathe in them:)) 

An example of a two year old "having his own mind"

We recently joined a gymnastic group, it is for Mommy and Toddlers. It is 50 minutes long and the trainer introduces different exercises to coordinate upper and lower body. 
There are mostly little girls in the class and the class starts with trampoline jumping, one child at a time. The little girls sit on Mommy's lap and patiently wait for their turns while cheering each other on" yay Rachel.... claps for Charlie ". Well and then there was my little munchkin announcing from the top of his lungs "it's my tuuuuurrrn". He refuses to sit in my lap or wait his turn. He squirms and he pushes and grunts to get free so he can explore on his own, which he does! In the beginning I felt so frustrated and so helpless. I threatened Zach with time outs, or telling him he has to sit down now, making threats like no Lollipop for you after class etc. But luckily after one class my light bulb went on and I was determined to make this class fun for him and for me. So before we went in I told him that he has the freedom to run around but that I also expect him to learn a few new things that the teacher introduces. So we did I let him do his own thing for 5 minutes and then took him over to the balance beam, he was so cooperative and very pleased with himself after. 
What I am saying it's all about balance, the grey zone! There are black and white zones for sure when it comes to safety but mostly its really grey. 
So now instead of threatening or being impatient I will just hug him a little more. It seems to help and it makes me calmer too. 

Stay tuned for my Transition from one to two children update... soon people, hopefully :)))

Live with passion and try to enjoy even the smallest things in life. 


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