Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogger Alert:)

The next few weeks I will be mainly blogging about my new life being a wife and a Mom of two little boys! It will help me to cope with my new role and I hope others in the same situation might feel " hey I am not alone"
I know there are gazillion blogs about Motherhood! But reading these blogs I feel they are so black and white, there is no grey zone! Most blogs make me feel like a failure, are you all super Moms out there? Quiet frankly I am not a super Mom! I am a passionate Mom who lives her emotions deeply and is very content with the little things in life!
So if you enjoy reading about my everyday life tune in if not be patient with me, I will post about other "stuff" as well:)

1 comment:

  1. I am definitely NOT a super mom, that's for sure. I want a simple, well-run household because I value time with my family and don't want "housekeeping" to take over my life. Also, blogging keeps me "motivated" throughout the long days staying home with the little ones. It gets me excited about ordinary household chores and helps me encourage myself to keep improving at things I am not so good at (which is a lot).