Friday, June 8, 2012

Coming Home

After a really great delivery it was time to go home on day two. A.J. Did great. I felt my room was like my little safe cocoon! meals were brought to me and water kept coming. The nurses were very caring and all I worried about was to get to know my new baby, who I am insanely in love with! So when discharge day came I was very excited but sitting in the car and driving away from the hospital brought tears to my eyes, it's like this huge intimidating world out there. This is what went through my head: how am I going to take care of two little ones, what's for dinner, laundry must be piling up, I hope I can get a shower in, is my husband ok? And on and on! I felt so overwhelmed and so thankful at the same time! The way Zachy cares for AJ already is so sweet! The first night at home I did what I am used to! Cooked dinner, played with Zach... And oh yeah there is a new baby in the house, so I cared for him as well!
When you are so used to your every day routine it is very hard to flip the switch in your brain and make adjustments! On top of lack of sleep and a bucket full of postpartum hormones you just feel overwhelmed, for me it is important to remind myself that this too shall pass.
In the meantime I remind myself how blessed I am with a wonderful family! I enjoy holding and feeding my new baby A.J., looking at him melts my heart! Zach is wonderful and playing with him or reading a book just got so much more meaning.
I will keep the German crazy lady in the closet and let the worries be locked up! While feeding the baby I watch my shows or read an iBook to shut my mind off for a while.

Still living with passion:)

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