Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First outing almost by myself!

We went to the zoo today and I got a taste of what it means to get out of the house! First packing all the stuff for the babes! Snacks, blankets, water etc...! Now pack that heavy darn stroller, little guy is crying because a gas bubble is making him feel miserable, so pick up baby get gas out.... Begging big guy not to play in the water outside while he is getting impatient! Yes little guy asleep in car seat ready to go! Now chasing the big guy who is running down a list of essential needs for the drive ( scooby snacks, scooby doo and juice) . Putting him in his car seat... Oh hold on poopy diaper... So back in the house changing him, back in the car seat!! Hold on where are my car keys??? I just had them I know I did, looking for them at random places like the laundry room and give up, spare keys it is!
I grab a protein bar and a water, off we go! Whew! But
It was so worth it , seeing Zach having a great time and loving the aquarium! He is such a great kid and AJ slept through all of it!
Passion all the way:)

Oh and look who found my car keys:)

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