Saturday, June 2, 2012

Turn your bathroom into a spa

We all need those days where our bodies experience true relaxation and we pamper our selfs. But going to a spa is costly and time consuming! By the time you finally get out of the door, you already watching the clock because someone is probably watching your little one or you have an appointment.

Here is what I love to do!
I turn my bathroom into a spa, sometimes as soon as I put my little guy down for a nap ( chores have to wait!)
- I will get my big glass of ice water with mint
- have my favorite pampering products out, like eucalyptus bath salt, deep conditioner( with a towel next to it to soak the conditioner for 20 minutes), face mask and cucumber slices for eyes!
- relaxing music, I prefer to catch up on a show on my iPad!
- candles, depends on daytime
- towels are ready and my favorite body lotion plus all the other stuff you use is ready to go!

It is amazing how much it relaxes me and I can do it whenever I feel tense or stressed. I actually look forward to it!
About those chores: first I thought I can't relax with all the " to do's" but I a m a much happier wife and mommy after my time! And it takes about 30-40 minutes, still time to get your stuff done:)

Try it, you will feel so reenergized!

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