Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clean House

A Clean House?!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cleaning service come, let's say once a week? Oh that would be lovely I could have so much more time. But that's not realistic, besides I like cleaning it is somewhat therapeutic. 
When I was working I had a cleaning person come twice a month and I loved it, but now being a SAHM does not justify a cleaning service. 
I personally love to clean when the kids are napping but that's for the bigger tasks like mopping the floors or wiping counters etc. So when I clean I either listen to an audio book or listen to one of my shows as background noise:) 
Here are a few tips that helps me, especially having two kids now things need to be organized and easy accessible. 

1. Everything has a place!

This one is super important and the key to a clean or picked up house. We all have clutter or items that we don't know where to place, for that I have a designated basket that I will store in my laundry room. I will clean it out every couple of days and find a designated place. Here you go clutter you earned yourself a spot in my house. 


I love baskets they make for great storage solutions and look very decorative in your house. I have baskets in different areas of my house. 
  •  cute baskets on both of my staircases with nice little tags on them that say: Playroom, Zachy's room, Upstairs. Whenever I clean downstairs I will place items in the basket that belong to the upstairs rooms, I will bring them upstairs whenever I pass them and empty them. They will be put back on the stairs. 
  • portable baskets: Since we have a newborn who sleeps in our bedroom right now we change a lot of diapers. So I made a changing baskets for both of my boys, in there you will find: changing blanket, wipes, A&D, diapers sizes 2&5, thermometer, desitin. I have one for upstairs and downstairs. Once a week I will refill the diapers throughout the house. 
  • The "room to room basket": I have one basket that I will bring in every room when I clean, that way I don't always need to leave the room that I am in to place items where they belong. I place all the items into the basket and when I am done with the room I will then put the items where they belong. It saves me trips and time. 
3. prioritize and what makes the most impact!

I do not have a lot of time to clean in the mornings since we usually are out on a fun adventure, but I don't like to come home to a messy house either. So there are a few things that I do in the morning: 
  • Make the Bed as soon as you get up ( I try to get better at that) 
  • empty the dishwasher from the night before: that way you can place your dirty dishes you make during the day straight into the dishwasher.
  • Start a laundry, preferable the whites on a hot prewash cycle take the longest. 
4. Hold on there is one more thing before you leave the Room!

That one is really a brainer for me since my mind is always one step ahead! But let's say you go in your  kids room to get something, is there anything that needs to go into his room that's lying around the house, just new bought items from Target, like the diaper genie refill? And when you in your kids room is there anything that needs to go downstairs? Maybe the diaper genie needs to be changed? or the bed needs to be made! 
This way you keep the clutter to a minimum and you are in the room already, so why not giving it a quick scan:) 

5. Don't try to clean your entire house in one day!!!

This really does not work with kids anyway. But I found when I did hat in the past I got tired by the time I hit the last bathroom and my cleaning became a little sloppy. 
Designate Different weekdays for each room and don't beat yourself up if you don't get it done, make your bathrooms and kitchen your priority! 

And there is always next week :))

Live with passion 


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