Monday, July 16, 2012

Most common cleaning supplies

Most common cleaning mistakes! 

1. Using harsh cleaning supplies. 

A lot of Cleaning supplies have really harsh chemicals in them that harmful. I think the first time we really become more aware of the chemicals is when we get our first family friend, a pet. We surly don't want to harm them. Then comes the first Baby, they love to take everything in their mouth and crawl on your floors. Certain leading brands are really harmful to your children.
The good part is that there are less harmful cleaning supplies out there. Here are some basics you should keep in our house. 
  • big container of white vinegar
  • baking soda 
  • fresh lemon/ or lemon juice
  • rubbing alcohol
  • hydrogen peroxide 
  • Dish soap
Make your own cleaning supplies and you will see that they clean as well, but less harmful to your family and much cheaper.

2. Mopping your Hardwood/Laminate floors.

I am sure by now everyone pretty much knows that your Hardwood floors should be cleaned with a damp mop and not a soaked mop. Too much water ruins your floors.
Also you only need a bucket of water with a little bit of white vinegar. That makes the floors nice and shiny and cleans them at the same time. Do not add Lemon to this mixture, since lemon is an acid and might take the finish of your floors. 

3. Too much Product. 

This one is a very common mistake. We think the ore the better the results will be but thats not only wasteful but also the opposite is true. 
A leading brand of hardwood floor cleaners has specific instructions on how much to use but a lot of use don't even measure we just pour a quick swish into the bucket. It will fire back, Hardwood/ Laminate and tile become really sticky. 
Same for laundry detergent, if you use too much you harm your clothes and they do start smelling. 

4. Use of Carpet refresher and fabric refresher.

The commercial on TV makes you believe that the smelling gym bag smells like a rosebush after using a fabric refresher... but what they don't tell you is that "the good smell" does not last very long and now you have to do it every day in order to make it smell good. If you use it on curtains and throw pillows you will notice that without the product they start smelling like damp old clothes that were left in the washer for a few days. Same goes for carpet refresher and they will break your vacuum cleaner, the fine dust will spread everywhere in will cause damage. 

5. Washing laundry on cold

Ok I have not tried the "cold water detergent" yet but my regular leading brand laundry detergent does not well with just cold water. The detergent leaves stains and fat stains. I prefer the warm cycles. Especially with little kids! 

Please let me now what you think a common cleaning mistake is!


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