Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Save on your cable bill

Do you ever wonder what all these extra charges on your cable bill are? What do they mean by Franchise Tax and what is HD VOW? 
And when you first sign up with your provider they give you all these promotions, so initially your bill might not seem to bad, but once these promotion expire your cable bill goes up as much as 30% or more. 

The last two places I lived, the local cable company was the only provider for my area, so I got stuck with them and their over priced service. But since new services are popping up left and right the existing cable companies are facing challenges and fighting hard to keep every customer they can. 

Here is what you can do. 

1. Get your bill and check what services you have, what type of internet and what cable package etc. 

2. Now do a quick 5 minute research on other providers, like U-Verse, Fios, Dish etc.

3.This one is important: Go onto your cable providers website and start a Life chat! Do not call. The technicians at the life chat forums don't work directly for the company and are more willing to  help you  out. 

4. Have your account number ready and be cordial, don't play hard ball! 

5. Start your chat and let them know that you would like to lower your bill and that you are thinking to switch to another provider (if you can be specific... like U-Verse ) since they are cheaper. 

6. The technician will go back and forth with you and at some point during the chat I got the feeling that hey are dragging the chat out. ( while on the chat I made lunch, changed diapers and fold a laundry :)). But hang in there. 

7. Ask them about current promotions and if they offer you a promotion, take it. They are time limited mostly about 6 month to a year. 

I tried this today and I still have a few promotions until September that lower my bill, but I got rid of the extra HD charges which is about $15 a month. I did hear from people that they did end up saving about 30%
Give it a try and let me know:) 

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