Saturday, August 4, 2012



          Water? Yes please but not on my ceiling if possible!

Oh yes I managed to flood my upstairs guest bathroom. My Mother in law left the day prior  so I was getting ready to clean the guest bathroom. My 2 month old AJ was sleeping in his swing downstairs and my Toddler, Zachy was in his playroom right next door, playing with his racing cars:)
So I put the stopper in the sink and turned the hot water on (cleaning water). Well here is where it begins... AJ started screamng in his swing, and he chokes pretty often so I know I have to be quick. So I picked him up and walked into the playroom to check on Zachy. He ran over to me and fell on his precious little face. So I put the baby down and comfort Zach while AJ was having none of this! He was hungry and he wanted food now. So I sat on the couch in the playroom and started feeding. 
The funny thing is I noticed an unusal noise but the ceiling fans (2 of them) were running and sometimes the blades create a noise. 
.... Oh and then it clicked in my head.. shoooooot the water.... I put the baby down, managed to grab the activity gym (don't ask me why) and ran into the bathroom. 
                                            Water water everywhere!!!
My linen closet is in this bathroom and I grabbed every single towel which absorbed the water really quick. Zach came in and said "what a mess Momey" . I am like... "I Know Sweetie I can see that"!
After I cleaned the bathroom I thought OK that was just in time.....Not. I walked downstairs and on the bottom there was water pouring out of my light fixture! Oh darn... it kept dripping and dripping, more towels, please:(
The ceiling eventually got wet and you could see the water, we have drywall and need to see whats going to happen. Maybe we are lucky and no mildew will develop, we will see:) 
My neihbor came over, because my husband was in a business dinner with his boss and I did not want to worry him. Love neighbors who have an industrial fan just sitting in their garage, very handy:) 

But really, think about it. Now I have a story to tell, never a dull moment as a Mommy of two, can you imagine what I would break if I had three kiddos? :) 

                     Live with passion and Don't sweat the small stuff! 


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  1. oh my goodness, what a story!! Hope everything dries up fine :-( I am surprised I haven't done that yet... maybe when I have another baby.