Monday, August 6, 2012

From Diaper Bag to Backpack

From Diaper Bag to Backpack! 

One of the hardest choices when registering for my baby shower was the "Diaper Bag" I just couldn't decide. How many compartments, zipper or open, simple or busy looking, pooh bear or leopard print etc. 
When I had my first son I changed my diaper Bag about three times. 

Now that I have two little guys with different needs and more stuff I am in need of a new diaper bag. I considered an easy accessible bag with a few compartments and definitely a zipper. 
Considering that in the first few month my new baby will most likely be carried in front of me and therefore I need both of my hands free. Holding my Toddlers hand, the Binky in A.J.'s mouth and on and on. 

I decided for a backpack! We have it for 2 month now and I love, love, love it. We love to got to the zoo and I just carry it on my back and my little guy in his baby carrier on my front. I can easily throw it on one shoulder, carry the car seat and hold Zach's hand... it works:) 

I know what you are thinking... but how do you transport it in your stroller?
There are two ways. The backpack does fit in the bottom of my stroller and is very easy to access! Or I bought ($3) two hooks that go on the the stroller handlebar. 

My back pack is stylish and practical. Very happy with it :) 

The back pack has four compartments, I have a small bottle of hand sanitizer hanging of the zipper. 

The first compartment I keep Diapers both sizes, wipes, extra set of clothes, burp cloth, blanky, books, Nursing cover, ointment

Snacks are really important, I refill or replace them the night prior and add a juice in the morning!

My son is obsessed by his cars and dinos, He really counts on his Mommy to have them packed

The last compartment I keep my stuff, like wallet, phone, keys. It is easy accessible for me1

This Backpack has room for cups and bottles on the side:)

Live with passion

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