Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Organized pantry

Sorry, but YES this is another blog about organizing your pantry

I had lots of fun doing it:) My son even loved to help out!!

I used: shoe boxes, shoe hanger storage, Martha Stewart Labels....
The pasta items and rice items have their own box, the boxes are see through which makes it so much easier when doing my shopping list, a quick glimpse:) 

The two boxes are snack boxes containing peanuts, cookies, crackers etc... 
In the middle is a section for my sons food items, again easy to do an inventory.
On top( not in picture) I have a section for breakfast items so I can easily find my beloved Peanut butter. 

I have seen this great idea on pinterest and thought how genius is that. My son helped me to fill the see through pockets. 
It has been great because now when I leave and grab a snack it saves so much time. Also my son sees all his choices (maybe too many at times) at once. 
In case you cant tell what it is. This is for shoes and you hang it on your door:) 
And I keep all my canned goods together:) My pantry is fairly small but it meets our needs:) 

Also I had to build the shelf inside the closet because it did not fit otherwise. 

I love my new organized pantry and cant stop opening it and feeling joyful:)

Live with passion

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