Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten "Things" rule

The Ten "Things" Rule:

Obviously we love a clean and organized house/life, otherwise we wouldn't spend time on the Web to look for easy solutions. 
We love to clean and organize to make our life easier, smoother and to enjoy our home+family. Maybe a little OCD has something to do with it as well j/k :) 
See this is where my problem lies, I love clean and organized spaces in my house but sometimes when life gets busy or the motivation is down it is hard to keep up the Corporation:) 
For example: My Closet: 
Love my closet a lot but I absolutely dislike organizing it. 
I recently had a new baby and dealing with the postpartum body (or whatever that wobbly thing is). So I love and live in workout clothes right now. Very comfy and practical. 
Well when getting ready for date night or church I get so frustrated because nothing really looks that great on me and I find myself trying on ten different outfits. And I really don't have the time nor the motivation to put it all away neatly. After a few weeks my closet does not look that organized and clean anymore, when I put away laundry I pile stuff on poorly folded clothes and so on.
The Ten Things Rule. Whenever you are in a process of cleaning think "what are the 5-10 things (depending on task) I can do to improve the situation.
  • putting laundry away: per drawer refold or reorganize 5 clothes items or towels. Put 5 pair of shoes away etc. 
  • Spice cabinet: reorganize 10 spices where they belong or refill them. 
  • Tupperware drawer: reorganize 5-10 containers, find the fitting lit.
  • cutlery drawer: place 10 items where they belong .
  • children's room: put 10 toys together where they belong.
  • bathroom: reorganize 10 items in your drawers, sort out old lotions or empty ones you haven't used in forever.
  • Car: before you get out of your car do ten things, like gathering trash, put toys back in box, look under seat.
  • desk: 10 Things where they belong, throw out old papers or file papers, put pens where they belong.
The list could go on and on. What I am saying is this: Keeping and maintaining an organized space doesn't always happen, the the "things" rule is more for catching up and get back on track. It all depends on how busy my days are. Sometimes I do only one ten "things" other days I do 4 or 5. It should not take you more then 5 minutes:) 
I noticed that this rule takes less time than reorganizing my closet or cleaning my entire car, not finding my spices while cooking....! It does save time in the end...promise:)

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