Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An update

We are a family of four. Well seven if you include our cat and dogs for 3 month now. It has been a big life change! 
That said we are so blessed and gratefull, we welcomed this life change with open arms and living it daily with passion. Let me also say all these blogs or parents community forums about having a second child gave me anxiety while I was pregnant..... Well it's nothing like they said, and I know I am only 3 month into it. Still my attitude is to enjoy the moments and adventures with your kids and the rougher days, well they too shall pass:)
Zachary has taken amazingly well to his little brother from day one! Everytime Zach strokes A.J. 's hair or brings him a toy my heart just jumps. My favorite is in the car when he A.J. Cries and Zach says " it's all right A.J. We are almost home" sooo stinkin cute. 
The boys were napping on the same schedule but that recently changed because of all the illnesses that the McLea household overcame:) During their precious nap time I would get my "stuff" done and still have some time for myself. We found a lot of nice Mommy friends in the area and have play dates almost every day.... We love the indoor playgrounds ( due to the heat) bounce Houses, fire station tours, the zoo, story times and concerts at the libraray, fruit picking and just having friends over at the house! We are totally looking forward to pumpkin patches, horseback riding, apple picking and lots of fun fall stuff! 
Zach is starting preschool next week, my Mommy heart has mixed emotions, he is so ready and loves being among other kids, he now even tells me that he misses his friends when he has not seen them in a while:) He definitely misses his Maddie back in Cali! He will attend two weekdays for 5 hours to ease him in. We will have orientation on Tuesday and after that my boy and I will have a lunch date together! 
Us as a family have found a wonderful new church  with an awesome community with the nicest people! We are ready to become members and our boys will be having a baby dedication th
ere soon. Joining a Life Group, which is like a Bible study group is very new for us and I am excited to  listen and share journeys of faith!

My husband and I are a great team. He is such an amazing Dad and when I see my boys playing with their Dad it makes me fall in Love with him over and over again:) I am not denying that we are two busy people now and that time for ourselves is limited... but we make it a point to get a sitter and go out just the two of us. Not just for a dinner, but golfing, or the movies etc. It i so important for us and yes I know the rules about do not talk about the kids or money. Yeah we are not good at that because we love to talk about our blessings in life. Our conversations are like a good smelling cup of coffee, they make me all warm and comfy inside and they refuel me. Reminding ourselves of perspectives in life makes it easier to have a great attitude even for the rougher spills in life !

Just simply Love my Life! 
Live with Passion 

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