Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is in the air!

Yay fall is here! This year I am celebrating a true fall season in Nashville. The weather is great so far, mostly mid 70 and super blue skies with the trees changing their colors. So magical! I love wearing Jeans with cute boots and accessories like cute scarfs, pumpkin spiced lattes, although this year I fell in love with "salted caramel mocha"... So yummy:) pumpkins and corn mazes make me happy, haunted houses and farms make me squeal! Pumpkin patches make childhood dreams come true! This year I am going to dress up. We are all going to be spiders... Zach is obsessed with them, we actually have spiders all over the house ( toy spiders ).
Our move to Nashville definitely shines in the season of fall!
Here are some pics of my decorated ( half messy) living room:)

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