Friday, May 31, 2013

Turn the corner

This picture is our "Turn the corner" breakthrough! It was well needed and changed our attitudes.

WOW! How can you go from a great fantastic day to a day filled with atomic meltdown, stressed Mama and really overtired kids. Well after really thinking about it ( with a glass of wine under the stars) I do know! It comes down to Expectations. What we expect from our kids is sometimes not reasonable and they are setup for failure... Simply because your kids are kids! After running errands for 4 hours and a long ride home, getting the house straightened and taking a crib apart just to put it back together our day was just lined up for an epic failure! 

See a couple of times I heard and read it is your choice how you feel and what your attitude is. But when you are stuck in the moment you just need an ice breaker... Something that brings clarity into your so complex day. Keep it simple and you will see the greater picture again. For us that was just that today. 

In the late afternoon we decided to go outside to refill our (big) kiddie pool. We weren't planning on splashing or water fun because it was raining a little. My three year old Munchkin had different plans. After telling him more than a couple of times to keep the hose in the pool it just klicked. I sound like a broken the next time he took the hose out I told him " hey if you take the hose out again I am going to tackle you into the pool" Ha you had to have seen this challenging look on his face. He felt empowered and next thing you know we both landed in the fresh chilly pool water. Clarity was on the Horizon. 

So in the future I will try not to over schedule my kids or have unreal expectations for them. I understand that errands have to be done but I should have maybe taken them to a park afterwards or let them play, maybe treated them to some summer fun frozen yogurt. 

Extra snuggles tonight! 

Real Mom stuff:) 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

These crazy hazy lazy days of summer!!!

Summer and I are officially in a good standing relationship! For a very long time I dreaded summers. summers stood for: heat, bathing attire ( such a struggle), hot cars, sunburns, humidity, sweating, crowded pools and lakes, sunscreen grease all over, sand everywhere, schlepping beach stuff etc. 

This year I took this reality and tear it apart into small vibrant morsels to reassemble it into a meaningful pattern. This year I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my boys and raise them! So we started summer with this beautiful picture traced with our watermelon sticky fingers: 

Summers are: seasonal heat that warmth your body from the inside and out, bathing suits for a body that brought life into this world...twice ( if you see it from this perspective), thank you for A/C in cars and homes ( Thank you Willis carrier- inventor of AC), sunburns that lovingly and tenderly get cared for by your Loved ones, tropical weather that allows you to dance in the rain and let the big raindrops cool of your sizzling skin, watermelon smell and juice dripping from exciting little mouthes who are still in their wet swim shorts waiting eagerly to get back to the next squirting match. Shimmering sunscreen on your little ones skin that when sitting in the tub reminds you of a beautiful day. Exhausted little tanned faces buried in pillows at night because they had just too much fun. Ahhhh sitting on your patio and watching fireflies zooming around you while smelling the citronella scent. 


 Watermelon for big and small. The smell just screams SUMMER. I love how the juicy watermelon runs down his chunky belly:)

Awesome morning bouncing on the trampoline, still in PJ's. I think our neighbors know all of our different Pajama outfits by now. Sadly-gladly! 

Wet little munchkin enjoying his snack. 

Our poolside. We love it. Note the little aligator on the pool edge. All we need!

Morning discovery hikes. We use all of our sciences to appreciate the simple things that means so much. 

... And we then cherish them by making these treasures our center piece on our dining room table. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carfty Days

I think I am getting a little hang of this parenting Thing, because I have time again to be crafty with and for my kids. I also started to tackle some of those projects on my list... Paint kitchen (Riggghht), make picture books for kids, find creative yummy recipe etc....!
I know I must be running on caffeine:) But I do love being creative. especially when a great idea comes to mind. Pinterest is such an inspiration on one hand but on the other hand it can be overwhelming at the same time. All these save for later projects that I pinned to my Boards add a little stress sometimes....but then there is that one time that you find a cool pin that makes your life a little easier or you find the perfect recipe:)! You neva knowww!!!
We recently used a Groupon to get the boys room painted in a darker blue. It looks so pretty. My son is in love with it as well. We love the boys names on the walls. Both times when I was expecting this was one of my projects:) 
What I am actually talking about is the pin wall that I made for them. I used a white canvas and finger paints. There was a messy fun zone going on. I then used package string and wrapped it around the canvas. Horizontal and Vertical so pictures could slide into the string. 
Zachy's was a lot of fun. For the last year I used this canvas as a table protection when he did a craft. So this one has some special moments in it. We recently went on a hike and found some neat feathers which I slid into the pin wall and a couple of current pictures. 
Zachy is so into it and asking questions or telling me what happened in a certain pictures. We love walking down memory lane. Cherish them and talk about making more awesome memories. That's what life is all about! 

Monday, May 27, 2013


What a great beginning of summer 2013. I am so loving every moment of it right now. Today is Memorial day and we remember all the fallen soldiers and thinking of those who are still fighting for our freedom so we CAN!
There are days when your kids seem to have a conspiracy going against you, when laundry piles so high you can't find your washer anymore, you run out of dinner ideas and you are just longing for some alone time without answering the millions of questions your little ones have. But here is the deal.... In moments like this I think: I CAN hug my beautiful boys every day , I CAN watch then working out through sibling stuff, I CAN listen to my son playing imaginary play with his cars ( which everyone is going to jail lately), I CAN wash my laundry because we have clothes and can afford a washer and detergent, I CAN read and gain knowledge to answer my children's question. This is what I think of if my day is a little rough! My heart breaks for those who have the CANNOT in their lives right now! So be grateful and stay in the moment, because next time you blink your kids grew up a little more again!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Well Hello:) I am back! What have I done the last 11 month? Let's see I have changed approximately 10.000 diapers, answered about 5000 question to my three year old, learned how to best utilize the slow cooker and started to understand what it means to "take a deep breath"!
.... But I also loved me about a million hugs and kisses, lots of I love you Mami, tons and tons of sweet smiles and first giggles, red popsicle mouthed and my favorite I AM A MOM of two amazing boys!
Life has changed a lot for my husband and I, it got a little busier but at the same time so much fuller. I love watching my little munchkins grow together. A few weeks after we had A.J. We went to the zoo and my 3 year old Zachy asked me.. "Mami where are we going? Are we going to find A.J. A new home?" Well if that wasn't a statement:) ! But Zachy is the best big brother that we could have hoped for. He is so attentive and very concerned about his safety. You know what I mean when your oldest loves marbles and your youngest is in the midst of his oral phase! I wouldn't be telling the truth if I don't say that at times it was/is hard and takes all my reserves somedays. But with the love of God in my life and my amazing husband by my side, I truly understand that these moments ( every day moments) are so precious and you will NEVER get them back, so as exhausted I am some days I try to remember this and it fills my heart with so much love and empowers me to stay in the moment and be great! Before I finish up I wanted to share that when I was cleaning my house today I was smiling at various little toys, a hidden Popsicle stick a pile of rocks and knowing that without my kids my life wouldn't have adventures that are unpredictable:)
So between planning our summer, finally getting our patio done and staying on top of things, I will try to blog as time permits it:) after all I am not a super Mom, but a Triage Mom:))