Saturday, May 25, 2013


Well Hello:) I am back! What have I done the last 11 month? Let's see I have changed approximately 10.000 diapers, answered about 5000 question to my three year old, learned how to best utilize the slow cooker and started to understand what it means to "take a deep breath"!
.... But I also loved me about a million hugs and kisses, lots of I love you Mami, tons and tons of sweet smiles and first giggles, red popsicle mouthed and my favorite I AM A MOM of two amazing boys!
Life has changed a lot for my husband and I, it got a little busier but at the same time so much fuller. I love watching my little munchkins grow together. A few weeks after we had A.J. We went to the zoo and my 3 year old Zachy asked me.. "Mami where are we going? Are we going to find A.J. A new home?" Well if that wasn't a statement:) ! But Zachy is the best big brother that we could have hoped for. He is so attentive and very concerned about his safety. You know what I mean when your oldest loves marbles and your youngest is in the midst of his oral phase! I wouldn't be telling the truth if I don't say that at times it was/is hard and takes all my reserves somedays. But with the love of God in my life and my amazing husband by my side, I truly understand that these moments ( every day moments) are so precious and you will NEVER get them back, so as exhausted I am some days I try to remember this and it fills my heart with so much love and empowers me to stay in the moment and be great! Before I finish up I wanted to share that when I was cleaning my house today I was smiling at various little toys, a hidden Popsicle stick a pile of rocks and knowing that without my kids my life wouldn't have adventures that are unpredictable:)
So between planning our summer, finally getting our patio done and staying on top of things, I will try to blog as time permits it:) after all I am not a super Mom, but a Triage Mom:))

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