Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carfty Days

I think I am getting a little hang of this parenting Thing, because I have time again to be crafty with and for my kids. I also started to tackle some of those projects on my list... Paint kitchen (Riggghht), make picture books for kids, find creative yummy recipe etc....!
I know I must be running on caffeine:) But I do love being creative. especially when a great idea comes to mind. Pinterest is such an inspiration on one hand but on the other hand it can be overwhelming at the same time. All these save for later projects that I pinned to my Boards add a little stress sometimes....but then there is that one time that you find a cool pin that makes your life a little easier or you find the perfect recipe:)! You neva knowww!!!
We recently used a Groupon to get the boys room painted in a darker blue. It looks so pretty. My son is in love with it as well. We love the boys names on the walls. Both times when I was expecting this was one of my projects:) 
What I am actually talking about is the pin wall that I made for them. I used a white canvas and finger paints. There was a messy fun zone going on. I then used package string and wrapped it around the canvas. Horizontal and Vertical so pictures could slide into the string. 
Zachy's was a lot of fun. For the last year I used this canvas as a table protection when he did a craft. So this one has some special moments in it. We recently went on a hike and found some neat feathers which I slid into the pin wall and a couple of current pictures. 
Zachy is so into it and asking questions or telling me what happened in a certain pictures. We love walking down memory lane. Cherish them and talk about making more awesome memories. That's what life is all about! 

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