Monday, May 27, 2013


What a great beginning of summer 2013. I am so loving every moment of it right now. Today is Memorial day and we remember all the fallen soldiers and thinking of those who are still fighting for our freedom so we CAN!
There are days when your kids seem to have a conspiracy going against you, when laundry piles so high you can't find your washer anymore, you run out of dinner ideas and you are just longing for some alone time without answering the millions of questions your little ones have. But here is the deal.... In moments like this I think: I CAN hug my beautiful boys every day , I CAN watch then working out through sibling stuff, I CAN listen to my son playing imaginary play with his cars ( which everyone is going to jail lately), I CAN wash my laundry because we have clothes and can afford a washer and detergent, I CAN read and gain knowledge to answer my children's question. This is what I think of if my day is a little rough! My heart breaks for those who have the CANNOT in their lives right now! So be grateful and stay in the moment, because next time you blink your kids grew up a little more again!

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