Thursday, May 30, 2013

These crazy hazy lazy days of summer!!!

Summer and I are officially in a good standing relationship! For a very long time I dreaded summers. summers stood for: heat, bathing attire ( such a struggle), hot cars, sunburns, humidity, sweating, crowded pools and lakes, sunscreen grease all over, sand everywhere, schlepping beach stuff etc. 

This year I took this reality and tear it apart into small vibrant morsels to reassemble it into a meaningful pattern. This year I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my boys and raise them! So we started summer with this beautiful picture traced with our watermelon sticky fingers: 

Summers are: seasonal heat that warmth your body from the inside and out, bathing suits for a body that brought life into this world...twice ( if you see it from this perspective), thank you for A/C in cars and homes ( Thank you Willis carrier- inventor of AC), sunburns that lovingly and tenderly get cared for by your Loved ones, tropical weather that allows you to dance in the rain and let the big raindrops cool of your sizzling skin, watermelon smell and juice dripping from exciting little mouthes who are still in their wet swim shorts waiting eagerly to get back to the next squirting match. Shimmering sunscreen on your little ones skin that when sitting in the tub reminds you of a beautiful day. Exhausted little tanned faces buried in pillows at night because they had just too much fun. Ahhhh sitting on your patio and watching fireflies zooming around you while smelling the citronella scent. 


 Watermelon for big and small. The smell just screams SUMMER. I love how the juicy watermelon runs down his chunky belly:)

Awesome morning bouncing on the trampoline, still in PJ's. I think our neighbors know all of our different Pajama outfits by now. Sadly-gladly! 

Wet little munchkin enjoying his snack. 

Our poolside. We love it. Note the little aligator on the pool edge. All we need!

Morning discovery hikes. We use all of our sciences to appreciate the simple things that means so much. 

... And we then cherish them by making these treasures our center piece on our dining room table. 

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