Friday, May 31, 2013

Turn the corner

This picture is our "Turn the corner" breakthrough! It was well needed and changed our attitudes.

WOW! How can you go from a great fantastic day to a day filled with atomic meltdown, stressed Mama and really overtired kids. Well after really thinking about it ( with a glass of wine under the stars) I do know! It comes down to Expectations. What we expect from our kids is sometimes not reasonable and they are setup for failure... Simply because your kids are kids! After running errands for 4 hours and a long ride home, getting the house straightened and taking a crib apart just to put it back together our day was just lined up for an epic failure! 

See a couple of times I heard and read it is your choice how you feel and what your attitude is. But when you are stuck in the moment you just need an ice breaker... Something that brings clarity into your so complex day. Keep it simple and you will see the greater picture again. For us that was just that today. 

In the late afternoon we decided to go outside to refill our (big) kiddie pool. We weren't planning on splashing or water fun because it was raining a little. My three year old Munchkin had different plans. After telling him more than a couple of times to keep the hose in the pool it just klicked. I sound like a broken the next time he took the hose out I told him " hey if you take the hose out again I am going to tackle you into the pool" Ha you had to have seen this challenging look on his face. He felt empowered and next thing you know we both landed in the fresh chilly pool water. Clarity was on the Horizon. 

So in the future I will try not to over schedule my kids or have unreal expectations for them. I understand that errands have to be done but I should have maybe taken them to a park afterwards or let them play, maybe treated them to some summer fun frozen yogurt. 

Extra snuggles tonight! 

Real Mom stuff:) 

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