Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Birthday, a knee and a family!

Life is grand and crazy, eh? 
I could start this post of how we juggled a lot of balls in the air this week and how one ball dropped and then another, but instead I will tell you how we picked those balls back up and kept them flying in the air. 
First it took a great deal of giving it up, surrender! We are not in control, what we can control is attitudes and emotions. 

So this week we got news about my husband needing knee surgery and its going to be a day before his birthday. Wham we had a big party planned so it took us a couple of swallows and blinks before we got to that place of acceptance. So we prepared, almost like you are preparing before a big storm hits you. When you go to the store and you think you need to buy 3 gallons of milk for the next 3 days, and you remember that the family is running out of everything like shampoos, a d toilet paper ( we shop at Costco for goodness sake, not running out for the next 3 month). We got all kinds of favorite snacks, fruits, books etc. 
The day of the surgery went really well and our awesome Nanny ( nope not giving out her number, sorry!) took care of the boys while I stayed with my husband. On the ride home I tried to drive extra carefully but chatted so much that I took the railroad crossing with full speed, drove through every single pothole in middle Tennessee and only saw the light changing last minute which resulted in our bodies bending forward and crushing back into the seat ( I know you really want to drive with me)! 
So what did we do the last few days?
The master bedroom became the operation center of our house a d every vital decision took place on our bed. We really spend intimate, sweet, victorious, sad, happy, encouraging and loving time as a family of 4 ( well 7 really since the dogs and cat claim to have partial ownership of our bed). Then our Zachy got sick with real high fevers and we pulled out our iPads and iPhones, watched dinosaur picture, spiders with 6 eyes, movies, Toy story was watched over and over, Popsicles in bed, we mastered the art of eating blueberries with a popping sound, family dinners were eaten in bed and we overdosed in snuggles. 

I love how our minds are strong and how our attitudes are right! 

Patient is checking on patient:) love how they nap together I catch myself gazing at them! 

Did I mention we celebrated a birthday? More of that to come! 

Lots of snuggles! 

We did sneak out today for 2 hours to refuel while our nannyspend some time with the boys! We passed this ocean of flags and stopped to take pictures. Beautiful and powerful! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Shutter speed Friday summer edition

This week we had a nice balance going between slow, comfy, coffee mug hugging mornings and crazy, fun filled summer days. 
Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend, make it count! 

We went swimming with our Moms group and we had a great turnout, Zachy was on squirting patrol:) 

And then we saved the planet and got rid of all the "bad guys". A life of a super hero. 

Oh and we discovered the restaurant "five guys" the best BLT burger I have ever eaten, even my picky 3 year old praised the hot dog and fries. 

Puzzle mania! 

We checked out that new farmers market and loved us some juicy strawberries, then we went to the Park with our mouthes full of evidence.

The unexpected happened dinosaurs vs mystery machine right on our patio. We had front seating. 

This dude sleeps with his eyes open and yes it does freak me out! He fell asleep during our pool outing on the last day we used his portable car seat. ( of course) . He never slept in this thing in public. 

And here it is. Some pride in his new ride. No seriously he loves it. 

Oh and remember our party... Just to have one, my boys are my super hero. 

We have wrestling matches now, wild wild wrestling. 

With this little rock star I am going to say good night... It was a long week:) 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celebrations happen every day!

Why waiting for a "big" occasion to have a party? BIG things happen every day around you. We decided at the beginning of this week that we will have a little party, a celebration of great accomplishments. Cheering for the small things that are oh so big.

So we went to the dollar store and I let Zachy pick our party supplies ( hence the red white and blue leis). You could see how his nose crinkled and he was thinking of what the party should look like. "we really need this Mami" 
While the boys napped I iced the cake, blew up balloons, poured maracuja juice into our fancy pineapple straw cups, stuck candles in the Superhero cake and all while I was making up a celebration song in my head that do this weeks events justice. 

When the boys got up they immediately were into it. Eyes sparkled, happy dances were performed and claps echoed in the room. We had a blast eating cake and signing our great celebration song.

We celebrated Zachy overcoming some fears this week, AJ graduating into his new car seat, and simply being thankful to be able to be together. We want our kids to know that we cheer for them, always cheer for the little things. 

So have a party:) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer "Bucket List"

Our summer bucket list is essential for not missing a Thing. Our list is made of "definitely", "most likely" and "maybe". I think this bright summery bucket list makes me more aware of what summers have to offer and really reminds me to enjoy these moments. This years summer will be so different from next years summer. I want to lean into the experience, open up my senses and take it all in! 
Here are some items on our list: 

- eat lots of posspsicles

- catch fireflies in a mason jar and stare at it until the firefly lights up and squeals are heard all over. 

- have sand between our toes ( and teeth- eek) 

- chase littles 

- Catch and release a turtle! They just find their way onto our lawn. We named him OKO. 

- roll down grassy hills and belly laugh so hard that it hurts.

- have a water ballon warrior match

- visit a fancy ice cream pallor ( we take reccomandations) 

- BBQ lots 

- grow fins from beeing in the water so much:) 

And the list goes on and on. We will have a big vacation coming up in September which we looking forward to, but until then we enjoy what's right in front of us. 

This little guy loves to be on the move, but when you give him a popsicle he will sit still until the entire Popsicle is in belly heaven. 

Scooby picnic:) 

Rainbow snow comes :) 

Lizard bath 

Enjoy your summer and stay cool. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shutter speed Friday

Just before the weekend I thought I give you a glimpse of my week:) Shutter Speed Friday it is! 

We want to Costco and yes we arrived early (I know crazy huh?) I love this picture. A boy looking for lizards.

Parks and playground visits are a great afternoon adventure( for now, you know the heat is coming). 

We built ( well drew)  an entire city in 45 minutes. So educational for Mommy's as well. For instance did you know that a dinosaur needs to go to the bank, should have known since money dosent grow on trees...right Brachiosaurus? 

This week we have overcome some fears, like climbing little rock walls, sliding big slides and climbing on these bar step thingies:). It is so empowering watching him glow with pride after his big accomplishment. I think we need to have a party, yeah a "I can do it" party.... Who's in? 

You know how you have to soak reallly dirty clothes before putting them in the washer, well that's what we do before bath time. Our new ritual: run through the sprinkler, soak soak soak and then it's time for the tub. Hahahaa just kidding it simply happened that way:) 

Wash the puppies:) stinky little Bounz and Sammy! 

We go on morning walks (late morning.. I need coffee first) and look for turtles, we name them (mostly OKO), give him a temporary home and  ring them back to the lake( after all Mommy and Daddy miss their baby turle ) which results in frequent turtle passengers in my car. 

We celebrated Life! The Life of a special 1 year old boy. We sang about 2O Happy Birthday to youuuuu ( a request from his big brother) and simply thanked God for A.J. 

Whois with me on that? Coffee is such a life saver lately. I seriously need to cut down. On a side note when did you start drinking coffee? I started when I was training as a nurse... you know what I mean:) 

And I stayed in the moments this week. I love these guys. We are excited to have Daddy back this weekend and enjoy our togetherness. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the small things. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When I first found out I was pregnant I was certain that we will have a girl. After all girl stuff i know: hair bows, makeup, dolls, cute clothes etc. 
But then Baddabangbadabum:congratulations it's a boy..... 2 years later.....congratulations it's a boy! 

WoW I am a Mom of two boys! And Iam so in love. Here is the thing about boys...they have endless energy, really they do, bugs are pets, water puddles count for a bath, modesty is totally overrated, if there's a wall there's a jump, racing cars are accessories that become nessecities and if I come across one more fake spider (they look real) I might call the exterminator! 

But the moments when I can hear the grass grow and a squirrels heartbeat are so deep down ankered in my heart. When Zachy wants to cuddle or snuggle. See there is a difference between a cuddle ( lie next to me) or a snuggle ( lie next to me and put your arms around me). When Zachy talks to me in his super serious voice because it is just way to important to miss it. A.J.'s smiles, which expose his two upper and lower teeth, make you forget any worries of today, tomorrow or yesterday, he pulls you right back into the moment. 

When Zachary became a big brother he seemed to take very well to the big change and we thought "that's awesome" but giving it some thought and me being more a realist, I was waiting for the big storm, or the hammer to come down. And sure enough a couple weeks later we wre driving to the zoo when Zachary asked me. "Are we going to find a new Home for A.J.? Bam there it was. I am not sure what exactly my answer was but I know I gave it a lot of thought... Too much thought because now he loves his brother dearly. Sometimes I just stare at them and pull it all in... It fills my heart with warmth watching them laugh together, or play hide under the sheets. Zachary is A.J.'s safety police ( its so funny to watch) , he makes his little brother laugh when tears are rolling down his cheeks, a car ride is never boring when you have Z man next to you. 

 BROTHERboys  they are!

Not to mention how Knowlegable I am now about bugs ( and their babies), turtle ( which are frequent passengers in my car to release them back into the lake) and dinosaurs!