Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Birthday, a knee and a family!

Life is grand and crazy, eh? 
I could start this post of how we juggled a lot of balls in the air this week and how one ball dropped and then another, but instead I will tell you how we picked those balls back up and kept them flying in the air. 
First it took a great deal of giving it up, surrender! We are not in control, what we can control is attitudes and emotions. 

So this week we got news about my husband needing knee surgery and its going to be a day before his birthday. Wham we had a big party planned so it took us a couple of swallows and blinks before we got to that place of acceptance. So we prepared, almost like you are preparing before a big storm hits you. When you go to the store and you think you need to buy 3 gallons of milk for the next 3 days, and you remember that the family is running out of everything like shampoos, a d toilet paper ( we shop at Costco for goodness sake, not running out for the next 3 month). We got all kinds of favorite snacks, fruits, books etc. 
The day of the surgery went really well and our awesome Nanny ( nope not giving out her number, sorry!) took care of the boys while I stayed with my husband. On the ride home I tried to drive extra carefully but chatted so much that I took the railroad crossing with full speed, drove through every single pothole in middle Tennessee and only saw the light changing last minute which resulted in our bodies bending forward and crushing back into the seat ( I know you really want to drive with me)! 
So what did we do the last few days?
The master bedroom became the operation center of our house a d every vital decision took place on our bed. We really spend intimate, sweet, victorious, sad, happy, encouraging and loving time as a family of 4 ( well 7 really since the dogs and cat claim to have partial ownership of our bed). Then our Zachy got sick with real high fevers and we pulled out our iPads and iPhones, watched dinosaur picture, spiders with 6 eyes, movies, Toy story was watched over and over, Popsicles in bed, we mastered the art of eating blueberries with a popping sound, family dinners were eaten in bed and we overdosed in snuggles. 

I love how our minds are strong and how our attitudes are right! 

Patient is checking on patient:) love how they nap together I catch myself gazing at them! 

Did I mention we celebrated a birthday? More of that to come! 

Lots of snuggles! 

We did sneak out today for 2 hours to refuel while our nannyspend some time with the boys! We passed this ocean of flags and stopped to take pictures. Beautiful and powerful! 

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