Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When I first found out I was pregnant I was certain that we will have a girl. After all girl stuff i know: hair bows, makeup, dolls, cute clothes etc. 
But then Baddabangbadabum:congratulations it's a boy..... 2 years later.....congratulations it's a boy! 

WoW I am a Mom of two boys! And Iam so in love. Here is the thing about boys...they have endless energy, really they do, bugs are pets, water puddles count for a bath, modesty is totally overrated, if there's a wall there's a jump, racing cars are accessories that become nessecities and if I come across one more fake spider (they look real) I might call the exterminator! 

But the moments when I can hear the grass grow and a squirrels heartbeat are so deep down ankered in my heart. When Zachy wants to cuddle or snuggle. See there is a difference between a cuddle ( lie next to me) or a snuggle ( lie next to me and put your arms around me). When Zachy talks to me in his super serious voice because it is just way to important to miss it. A.J.'s smiles, which expose his two upper and lower teeth, make you forget any worries of today, tomorrow or yesterday, he pulls you right back into the moment. 

When Zachary became a big brother he seemed to take very well to the big change and we thought "that's awesome" but giving it some thought and me being more a realist, I was waiting for the big storm, or the hammer to come down. And sure enough a couple weeks later we wre driving to the zoo when Zachary asked me. "Are we going to find a new Home for A.J.? Bam there it was. I am not sure what exactly my answer was but I know I gave it a lot of thought... Too much thought because now he loves his brother dearly. Sometimes I just stare at them and pull it all in... It fills my heart with warmth watching them laugh together, or play hide under the sheets. Zachary is A.J.'s safety police ( its so funny to watch) , he makes his little brother laugh when tears are rolling down his cheeks, a car ride is never boring when you have Z man next to you. 

 BROTHERboys  they are!

Not to mention how Knowlegable I am now about bugs ( and their babies), turtle ( which are frequent passengers in my car to release them back into the lake) and dinosaurs! 

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