Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celebrations happen every day!

Why waiting for a "big" occasion to have a party? BIG things happen every day around you. We decided at the beginning of this week that we will have a little party, a celebration of great accomplishments. Cheering for the small things that are oh so big.

So we went to the dollar store and I let Zachy pick our party supplies ( hence the red white and blue leis). You could see how his nose crinkled and he was thinking of what the party should look like. "we really need this Mami" 
While the boys napped I iced the cake, blew up balloons, poured maracuja juice into our fancy pineapple straw cups, stuck candles in the Superhero cake and all while I was making up a celebration song in my head that do this weeks events justice. 

When the boys got up they immediately were into it. Eyes sparkled, happy dances were performed and claps echoed in the room. We had a blast eating cake and signing our great celebration song.

We celebrated Zachy overcoming some fears this week, AJ graduating into his new car seat, and simply being thankful to be able to be together. We want our kids to know that we cheer for them, always cheer for the little things. 

So have a party:) 

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