Friday, June 14, 2013

Shutter speed Friday summer edition

This week we had a nice balance going between slow, comfy, coffee mug hugging mornings and crazy, fun filled summer days. 
Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend, make it count! 

We went swimming with our Moms group and we had a great turnout, Zachy was on squirting patrol:) 

And then we saved the planet and got rid of all the "bad guys". A life of a super hero. 

Oh and we discovered the restaurant "five guys" the best BLT burger I have ever eaten, even my picky 3 year old praised the hot dog and fries. 

Puzzle mania! 

We checked out that new farmers market and loved us some juicy strawberries, then we went to the Park with our mouthes full of evidence.

The unexpected happened dinosaurs vs mystery machine right on our patio. We had front seating. 

This dude sleeps with his eyes open and yes it does freak me out! He fell asleep during our pool outing on the last day we used his portable car seat. ( of course) . He never slept in this thing in public. 

And here it is. Some pride in his new ride. No seriously he loves it. 

Oh and remember our party... Just to have one, my boys are my super hero. 

We have wrestling matches now, wild wild wrestling. 

With this little rock star I am going to say good night... It was a long week:) 

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