Friday, June 7, 2013

Shutter speed Friday

Just before the weekend I thought I give you a glimpse of my week:) Shutter Speed Friday it is! 

We want to Costco and yes we arrived early (I know crazy huh?) I love this picture. A boy looking for lizards.

Parks and playground visits are a great afternoon adventure( for now, you know the heat is coming). 

We built ( well drew)  an entire city in 45 minutes. So educational for Mommy's as well. For instance did you know that a dinosaur needs to go to the bank, should have known since money dosent grow on trees...right Brachiosaurus? 

This week we have overcome some fears, like climbing little rock walls, sliding big slides and climbing on these bar step thingies:). It is so empowering watching him glow with pride after his big accomplishment. I think we need to have a party, yeah a "I can do it" party.... Who's in? 

You know how you have to soak reallly dirty clothes before putting them in the washer, well that's what we do before bath time. Our new ritual: run through the sprinkler, soak soak soak and then it's time for the tub. Hahahaa just kidding it simply happened that way:) 

Wash the puppies:) stinky little Bounz and Sammy! 

We go on morning walks (late morning.. I need coffee first) and look for turtles, we name them (mostly OKO), give him a temporary home and  ring them back to the lake( after all Mommy and Daddy miss their baby turle ) which results in frequent turtle passengers in my car. 

We celebrated Life! The Life of a special 1 year old boy. We sang about 2O Happy Birthday to youuuuu ( a request from his big brother) and simply thanked God for A.J. 

Whois with me on that? Coffee is such a life saver lately. I seriously need to cut down. On a side note when did you start drinking coffee? I started when I was training as a nurse... you know what I mean:) 

And I stayed in the moments this week. I love these guys. We are excited to have Daddy back this weekend and enjoy our togetherness. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the small things. 

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