Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer "Bucket List"

Our summer bucket list is essential for not missing a Thing. Our list is made of "definitely", "most likely" and "maybe". I think this bright summery bucket list makes me more aware of what summers have to offer and really reminds me to enjoy these moments. This years summer will be so different from next years summer. I want to lean into the experience, open up my senses and take it all in! 
Here are some items on our list: 

- eat lots of posspsicles

- catch fireflies in a mason jar and stare at it until the firefly lights up and squeals are heard all over. 

- have sand between our toes ( and teeth- eek) 

- chase littles 

- Catch and release a turtle! They just find their way onto our lawn. We named him OKO. 

- roll down grassy hills and belly laugh so hard that it hurts.

- have a water ballon warrior match

- visit a fancy ice cream pallor ( we take reccomandations) 

- BBQ lots 

- grow fins from beeing in the water so much:) 

And the list goes on and on. We will have a big vacation coming up in September which we looking forward to, but until then we enjoy what's right in front of us. 

This little guy loves to be on the move, but when you give him a popsicle he will sit still until the entire Popsicle is in belly heaven. 

Scooby picnic:) 

Rainbow snow comes :) 

Lizard bath 

Enjoy your summer and stay cool. 

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