Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My plan but ultimately your plan, really?

So for all of you who have missed me ( and I know it's a lot of you) I am or should I say we are back! 

The reason for this long pause was....well life. Life had me completely and utterly in his/her hands. Let me go back to June 14th 2013....

Once upon a time ( scratch that it didn't feel like a fairy tale at that time). My hubby required knee surgery on a weekend of his birthday and Father's Day, we went in on a Friday morning and while we were waiting we prayed, prayed that all goes well. During his surgery I was waiting and decided to grab some lunch. I asked the office manager for a good place to get a quick lunch and while she listed all my options she asked "are you pregnant" Nooooo I AM NOT" was my response. While walking down the street I thought that these gym pants really don't work to my advantage.
Fast forwarding to the next day...my hubby did extremely well, he was a great patient, took his Meds around the clock, did his exercises and iced his leg like a champ. Our kids developed a fever as well and that meant the master bedroom became the headquarters of this family. Trays of snacks were delivered, favorite shows were downloaded and watched, a little pillow fight when the Meds peaked and lots of snooze! 
All exhausted at night I checked my messages and my favorite German cousin asked me if I am pregnant. "What is wrong with you people" I mumbled in a whisper because the Hubby was asleep. 
Fast forwarding again... After unusual things happening to my body I finally called my doc and she suggested to take a pregnancy test otherwise they are not able to see me for at least 2 month. 
Oh boys I was a nervous wreck when I took that test and not even 30 seconds later, there it was two lines, definitely pregnant. 
Here is where my mind went blank. I remember calling my hubby and telling him that we are pregnant and let me tell you folks HE is a keeper, the most amazing man, I already knew He was the one but I fell in love with him over and over again that day. 

We talked about having another child but felt contentment with two and thought this was His plan for us. Only realizing that I wasn't listening, listening to his plan for me, for us. After weeks of prayers and worrying about this pregnancy ( initial complications) I started surrendering, He has a plan and I understand now that this is His gift and He will take care of us always! This feeling of peace allowed me to finally embrace this pregnancy and I am so excited. 
Last week we found out that this little sea monkey is a baby girl. All s coming together. 

Thank you all who shared and is still sharing this journey of life, faith and joy with me. God has placed all of you in my life for a reason, I love all of those "Reasons" dearly!