Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When your heart is being shaped!

Life has been very busy and sometimes prioritizing and triaging is what keeps you sane! But here I am on a beautiful windy fall afternoon sitting on my kitchen table, sipping coffee and listening to quiet! 
Our family is being challenged lately, challenged with health issues and therefore our minds are challenged as well. 
But here is what helps me to stay positive and find joy. 

The love for my family is unshakable, they need me to be strong, loving, compassionate, nurturing and provide comfort where they find comfort nowhere else. As much as I dread housework, cooking, laundry etc. I see it as taking care of my Family, my Loves. So washing laundry is not just that, it's knowing when they put on their clean freshly folded clothes that it provides comfort. Watching my sons eyes get big when he sees his favorite shirt back in his dresser. Watching my husband in his big t-shirts and understanding that these are so comfortable to him right now and are easy to wear since he is physically challenged with his shoulder injury. Yes my friends it's all that and more. 

I find my strengths in him, our Lord! Keeping my eyes closely on him, leaning not on my own understanding and being reassured that this is part of his plan for me, because I am special to HIM! I am such a happiness seeking person and thought this is very important in my life, I have to have Happiness! Well it comes with a high degree of selfishness, it is selfish to satisfy only your needs and disregard the needs of the ones who need you. Also I am learning that happiness is always almost dependent on circumstances. If your circumstances are difficult you won't be happy. So instead I am looking for JOY. Joy comes from surrendering to him and enjoying even the smallest thing in your life. And think about it... The likelihood of big events happen in your life is very small compared to little things/ events that surround you every day. Little kids are such a great blessing, try to see this world through their eyes. When was the last time you paid attention on how many different flowers grow around you and have you ever thought about the complexity of an acorn. Kids steer your attention to what really matters and I embrace it so much, I can feel how my heart is being shaped into something so much greater. 

Certainly times are hard but if you truly surrender to our creator you will find out soon that these dark seasons are used by HIM to shape you so you can help others to stay strong in their faith. 

With that said I love taking pictures of my surroundings and especially my family, it captures the joy and love we have for HIM and each other. 

Sunset behind our house, it started raining and a rainbow appeared for 2 minutes it was magical. 

Play dough is such a fun activity that daddy can easily engage with, you have to listen to the conversation that come up during shaping, cutting, kneading... Oh boy I am telling you! 

AJ had such a high fever (look at his cheeks) and his brother felt like he needs to make him smile, well Zach great job accomplished... He is cracking up! 

He loves looking for bugs and he thinks he is the daddy of all ants:) it's really cute:) Zach has for d some amazing centerpiece this year and we have been researching on it a lot. 

Even when he is down he still masters a smile, those blue eyes never fail by the way:) 

First day of Mother's Day out. I was so thankful that my husband came with me, he is on a medical leave and was able to be there for .... Well I guess me. Cut the umbilical cord doesn't really work with me it somehow reattaches LOL:)