Saturday, September 20, 2014

I GET to do it

Hey have I mentioned I am a Mommy of three kids? Woah that sounds so strange, yet reality knocks on my door every moment of the day. 
So life has been pretty busy, in a really good way. I think my biggest struggle is to carve out time just for myself and get some solitude other than that we are in the swing of things. 
My favorite season is slowly approaching and our summer was AMAZING! We did so many fun things, we enjoyed family time, quiet time and most importantly we deepened relationships during the summer. Nothing makes my heart more joyful than great relationships. 

The boys are great. A.J. Started to talk so much and boys oh boys he is hilarious. My husband and I have a hard time to not burst out in laughter every time. He is so determined and has endurance that I can only dream of, he knows exactly what he wants and his love language is food, no doubt. 
Zachy started Pre K and this Mommy has a hard time seeing him growing up so fast. He looks so vulnerable to me and too young to go out into this world full of snapping Gators:)! Giving it some thought I think this all comes from being used to the German school system where 6 years of age is considered appropriate to start school. We shall see he likes it and has fun learning. 

Julia, our little princess so we call her, is doing wonderful. The boys love her so much and are so sweet to her. She gets so much attention and entertainment it's such joy too watch them. She is almost crawling and started to eat some foods. She taught me that even at a very young age you can have aversions and texture is an issue. No purre Mama. 

My hubby and I are well, we still enjoy our date nights and our family outings. Our community and church fulfills us in a great way. We are looking forward for entertaining some fall evenings at our house. 

So all in all I am thankful for my life and I do thank The Lord every day that he allows me to be where I am. Days can be rough at times and when people ask me how life is with three kids my answer is this. We never have bad DAYS but we might have a bad Moment and then it's really bad, but not for very long.
A good frind of mine once said. On days when energy is low, motivation is lacking and you simply feel overwhelmed I remind myself that I GET TO do this.
Yes I get to do this, so Thank you dear Jesus! 

Ha look at her toys. Bugs. The boys love her. 

A Luau party at the park, we had such a great time.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bug Lover and more....

                The picture above pretty much summarizes my oldest boys passion.

There are slimy, hooky, slippery, shiny, noisy, bright, mean, pinchy, beautiful and yucky bugs.  
We live close to a lake and therefore we have lots of bugs in and outside of the house which delights Zachy. He loves to pick them up after we determined that they are not harmful (thank you google) and studies their details and purpose. 
I truly believe that he has an OCD, whenever he passes a big rock he has to turn them over and sure enough he finds new little friends every day:) 
We love that nature shows us how mighty and big our God is, his creations are beyond amazing, the purpose of some of these bugs are incredible and remind us that we also have a purpose in life. I often wonder what Zachys purpose will be, but I am never worried because he has passion underlined with determination all while he handles Gods creatures with such grace. Only great can come out of this. 

Now, we had a few pregnant spiders in our house and let me tell you it freaks me out. 100 mini spider going 10 miles and hour in 4 different direction just to make new baby spider...arghhh. But Zachy will give them a new home. 
I enjoy turning over rocks and carefully (after our black widow encounter) examining new bugs and have great conversations with my big boy, he also teaches me so much! 

Our family has a "summer must do" list, you know the one where you check of the important fun filled summer activities that you might otherwise miss. Like... 
- eat Popsicles faster before they melt
- have juicy deliosious smelling watermelon during sunset
- s'mores ( the baileys version for this Mama) 
- running through the sprinklers in just your undies ( NO adults allowed) 
- catch fireflies in Mason Jar 

My husband told me that he did this when he was a little boy but I couldn't imagine how in the world can you catch these guys, turns out its actual pretty simple, it's almost like they want to be caught:)! 
This has made for some fun nights, watching my boys, yes even the big one  getting all competitive and finding the best places to catch firelys, fills my heart with such joys and I timecapsule this memory in my heart forever. These are the movements when being a parent is rewarded in so many ways. Nothing that any money in the world can ever buy you. 

                               THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR YOUR FAMILY! 

They are becoming little buddies and love to tease their Mommy until the tickle monster comes out:) 

                                       My handsome kind hearted boy! 

I recently won a photo shoot with our favorite photographer. Capturing these moments is priceless. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday America and more!

How many people were rejoicing over a 3 day weekend? We were for sure! And thank you to all of you who worked on 4th of July! 
Let me summarize 4th of July in one word here in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 
Yes they are super serious about fireworks. About 2 weeks before the 4th you will see red and white tents popping up on every street corner ( no I am not exaggerating), they are stands where you could potentially spend a fortune on everything that resembles a sonic boom aka Fireworks. 
But it was fun to watch and sure pretty! 
Here a few pics of our fun filled weekend! 

Julia and Daddy having a special moment! I could squeeze those cute dimples. 

AJ watching Music at the park while drinking out of his special camelback:) He loves that cup and really sucks down a lot of water. 


Because I am happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof......

Car show! A nice gentlemen asked the kids to sit by the door of the car and after the picture he pulled out 2 hot wheel cars. Boys and hot wheels never fail! 

Zachy is a little water rat. We swam a lot this weekend, in pools, lakes, bathtubs, and flooded splash pads! 

One word- Tennessee 

Happy Birthday America. We are grateful for our freedom that we have everyday thanks to those amazing souls who keep us safe. 

Old timer lessons with daddy. Curious little faces all around! 

We might as well enroll this little fella in a hot dog eating competition the way he eats his dogs! 



Daddy and Zach did some fireworks and used Mommy's (new) mason Jar:) 

Jumping into the pool

Brother Love, they are so great with each other right now! 

Phew we are a little tired and sadly gladly are ready to get back to a "normal" week:) 


Thursday, July 3, 2014


This week was already so fun filled! 
We are getting ready for an adventurous 4th of July mixed with music, pool fun, 5K, parades and of course World Cup game:
     Germany vs. France 

As my 2 year old would say Gooo GERMANY! 

Have a blessed and safe 4th of July! 
I love the fact that The USA is so proud of their country and waves flags high while singing the national Anthem! 

Little Jujuu loves to be on her belly now and listens to her brothers infomercial about transformers! 

Watching the German soccer game while Zach thinks I need stadium feeling and bham there it is Mr. Bunny, seahorsy, teddy and many more creatures keeping me company. 
BTW Germany won! 

Splash pad fun to escape the heat! 

Cupcake love

Oh my we are officially using all three swings! AJ moved up to big boy swings a little faster than he wanted to but he is doing a great job ( not falling down)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Next time you see a minivan

WA little fun post to all your minivan drivers! 

"I will never drive a Minivan" does that sound familiar? 

Oh yeah that was me:) but that was before my second child was born who suffered from colic and acid reflux. We practically lived in the car.... And then child number 3 came along and that third row came in Handy! 

I was driving on the highway the other day and was observing other drivers and their cars! I couldn't help it but wonder what their story is! 
Here is mine and I am sure many other parents! 

1. Most all of us really did not choose the Minivan it chose us! 

2. It's not a minivan it's a "swagger wagon" don't you know that's kinda big deal? 

3. When we are swerving lanes it's not because we are texting or on the phone. No no we are preventing milk spills, breaking up fights, retrieving lost pacifiers or passing down a treat (that originally was meant for mom, but was discovered by big round eyes with squealing voices and long clawed fingers)! 

4. The radio, oh the radio! It's total dictatorship by anyone under 4! And if you see us pushing buttons repeatately on the radio it's not like we are looking for our favorite station (which I don't remember having one) it's because the word Mama is being shouted... Just to let you know to turn the music BACK on! 

5. Yes I love my automatic sliding doors but oh boys do I get embarrassed when they open in public. Hazmat seriously will have a great case if they ever get hold of my car! 

6. SURE I can drive (... Since you got so much room)! 

7. If you see a Munuvan in the summer parked with a running engine and yiu don't see anybody in the car DO NOT WORRY! We are having a "picnic" in the car because baby needs to nurse! 

8. NO I DONT KNOW where that smell is coming from! 

9. If you park next to a minivan expect delays since we are strapping a bunch of kids in:)! Sorry:) 

10. I do appreciate my minivan and it never let me down.... So far!! 

Share your funny minivan moment with us!

Have a blessed day and give that van of yours a wash!

Picnic in the van! Snacks are always handy. The kids don't mind ans actyky think it's an adventure. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Glory

Are you one of those who absolutely dread Mondays? Or are you like me who doesn't mind to get back into the routine after a great fun filled, yet chaotic weekend?
When I woke up to the smell of coffee which my wonderful husband brought to me before leaving for work I noticed the rain. A steady light summer rain with an overcast sky, the rushing of the rainwater down our gutters sounded calming to me and so did the birds taking their bath in the puddles. We had plans to all meet at a splash pad but I didn't mind taking a slower approach to this day. I already planned in my head a special almond pancake breakfast with smoothies while reading our new books that arrived from the Imagination Library. 
My little baby girl was just stretching and waking up slowly next to me while I checked my calender, a little while later I heard my 2 year old waking up next door and he was screaming. Ready to start the day.... here we go:) 
Thinking he must have dropped his Bibbi (pacifier) I opened the door only to be blown out of the room by a strong smell of poopy diaper. So I wished it was in the diaper, it was everywhere, my poor bug he was so miserable. That's a no brainier: Bath time is added on the agenda, meeting in 5 in bathtub with extremely smelling good soap!!! 
Of course all the commotion woke up my four year old who showed great concern for his little brother hmmmmm maybe a split second. Baby girl in the other room got over the starching/ slowly wake up phase to an "hey where is everyone" phase. 
Baby boy in bath tub really did not like being without fun toys, 4 year old attempts to climb in bath tub......oh no no no hold on, running over with now baby girl attached to hip stopping big brother from Germ sharing. Now having to answer a sequence of questions about germs and viruses, my brain is really digging deep to come up with an explanation that does not lead to another series of brain quest, mumbling something about cat attacking cell but antibody cheetah fights kitty ( hey don't judge). Semi successful but now little brother is ewwwww and a big germ. 
Ha kids are dressed and in the playroom, baby girl is nursing while little boy is trying to keep some Gatorade down and watching a show, in the meantime older brother wants to play dinosaur flash cards, I sense an opportunity to teach his alphabet and ask him questions about letters....nope game gets shut down because Mom is asking too much on this morning. 
Little boys gets up only to throw up on the carpet ( not on the leather couch). Paper towel tithe rescue.... And so the day went 
- sheet changes
- another bath 
- third set of clothes
- no don't touch this honey 
- here sanitize your hands 
And lots of snuggles and one on one times. 

Neat less to say this Mama is exhausted:) But my heart is full and I end my day by listening to the thunder and lightening snuggling into my pillow and wonder if I will have a sleepover buddy tonight ( thunderstorms are a scary thing to my 4 year old) 

Good night and may your heart be full tonight 


Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Target Living

That's it we are going to be a healthier family! Let me start by saying that we are not living super unhealthy, I mean we do eat out and splurge on junk food at times. 
It is really scary when you think about the fact that thirty percent of people in the entire world are obese. Just let this number sink in.
My husbands job site provided a voluntary seminar by the people of "On Target Living"! When I talked to him on the phone he sounded so excited about it, I could tell he wanted us to live healthier. Initially I was almost a little upset "whoa you mean I cook unhealthy and feed my kids junk?" 
But the next morning he left me two Information sheets on the counter, a chart that showed the bad, fair, good and super foods for adults and a separate chart for kids. My eyes immediately wandered to the bad food section and yep there it was. 

And so here we are making a commitment. I am not exactly sure how we do it yet but we are starting slowly. My two biggest concerns are: 

1. Budget
2. Time Management

We all know that organic can cost quiet a bit and I know for certain that not all grocery items will be organic, but definitely more natural. And time management concerns me because of my kids and me being a bit busy ( 3 kids under 4 explains it all)! But I am not discouraged because I know the benefit will outweigh the maybe stressful baking/ cooking times.

Here is what we think 
- definitely organic meat because of hormones and nitrates. 
- organic eggs 
- almond milk instead of cows milk, especially for the kids. 
- juices: I almost bought the Naked brand but the price shocked me a bit, afterwards I thought it is actually not that since we will add water anyways 
- organic teas served cold in the summer with honey as a sweetener, my kids weren't sure initially and made these really disgusted faces but they do tolerate and almost like it know. 
- organic yogurts ( if you by the pint you could add fresh strawberries or some chocolate morsels as a treat for the kids) 

Tonight I made Chicken Burger with tomato, lettuce, avocado and whole wheat buns served with homemade potato chips. It was really yummy. 

We try to be realistic and take it one step at a time, I am not sure I could live without my ranch or my hubby without his creamer but very little bit counts. Our DNA is designed to digest simple food not artificial processed foods. 

I will let you know how it goes and post recipes that I try. Please keep I mind that these recipes won't be strictly Gluten free or dairy free. I am still learning but super excites to have made this commitment for our family.


I love these guys with all my heart! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

All is well with my soul tonight

Ask me about my weekend and so far I tell you it has been amazing. Last weekend was very different as all our three munchkins came down with a virus. But what makes my weekend so special is that if you would ask me what we did you might expect
"Oh we went to the beach for the weekend and visited this new water park. At night we visited a really fancy restaurant." 
We got up and enjoyed our coffees outside while the kids entertained themselves in the grass playing with bugs. We fulfilled the needs of hungry little Toddler tummies while nursing a baby and talking about the upcoming summer. Well not so upcoming summer since the 82 degrees at 9am pretty much hit you in the face. 

We then went to a wake to one of my husbands coworkers brother who passed away and was a former military member, he wanted to show his respect and condolences. I knew it meant a lot to my husband if we would come along. I was a bit nervous since my 3 kids are more like a traveling circus at times (in a good way, you know the main attraction that you will be talking about for weeks). But on the way over we explained to our four year old what we are doing and where we are going. This opened up a great Q&A about some very hard to address topics. When we arrived we found ourselves in this really quaint town where you instantly were surrounded by this magical mix of people, such an amazing community. 
We met the most loving and kind people who made us feel part of their special family by tending to our kids and engaging us in meaningful conversation about a Life that was celebrated on this sweet Memorial Saturday. Our kids settled quickly and found new friends ( Zach had a girl literally stalking him) their laughter lightened the heaviness of this gathering and reminded us of the Beauty what Life has to offer and the peace that only comes with knowing that The Lord gained another great man in heaven that day. 

After nap time and a round of golf for my hubby we decided to check out our new membership to our neighborhood pool and we had a great time. While the boys were splashing and jumping in the wading pool, I was taking in all the place has to offer and how I will spend time here with my 3 kiddos by myself. The planner in me never shuts of:). I watched a Mom of 7 kids, ranging from maybe 16 -2 years of age and wow she is an inspiration, such patience and kindness. So encouraging and inspiring. 

In the evening we let the kids play in the backyard while I prepped dinner for us. The kids ate first while we sat with them and tried various forms of knuckle knocks:) So fun to watch them doing that. After bath time and bedtime my husband and I enjoyed our "grown up dinner"! A quick Tritip on the grill with a salad on homemade avocado dressing( yummy)! We talked about how our faith has given us peace and what Gods purpose for us is right now. 

See our amazing weekend might not sound exciting to you but it was so intentional! We also knew we had some serious parenting to do in our kids and the best way to focus on these issues for us is to be intentional with each other and don't busy our minds too much so we are receptacle for Hods teaching moments. 

Love to you all. 


Monday, May 19, 2014

The little Things

This post has probably been published over a million times in different languages, formats and wording. But it is so therapeutic to write it down and look at my masterpiece in the end:)

What can I say the last couple of days our two boys got sick one after another, it makes for loooooong days and my patience is being tested! Children melt down ten times faster when they sick, one cries the other one thinks he needs to sympathize and starts crying, attention spams are short, no appetites ( I listed the contents of my entire fridge and pantry) I even threw in ice cream but nope! 
So what can you do? Pray as often as you can and do it while you go potty since this is the only quiet moment you might get ( unless the cat busts the door) ! And so I did. Here we are taking one moment at a time! 

So we had a snack under the oak tree in our yard while reading a book, baked a yummy birthday cake for grandpa in heaven, played hide and seek ( I was hiding real good and enjoyed the giggles while they couldn't find me), we took two baths today (yes two one with foam overload), we snuggled while watching Peter rabbit and laughed a little louder at the funny scence! We tickled and snorted. My little baby girl was awesome and sweet as if she understood that Mama was a little extra busy! 
When they napped I picked up quickly, we baked a cake with a 2 year and 4 year old, let your imagination run wild:) and then I just enjoyed the alone time. House Hunters on TV was just about right while enjoying my lunch and checking out! ( now I have 10 more DIY ideas) 
In the evening my hubby came home and jumped right in:) we bathed the boys sang our happy Birthday to grandpa in heaven! Oh and on days like that I don't hesitate to make the executive decision to get take out! 
After all the germs today I felt I needed more then just a shower, those little buggers needed soaking till they fry off! LOL. And here I am sitting outside next to my hubby and enjoying Fireflies and crickets. Life is good more than good it's beautiful! 
I am so thankful and feel blessed trust me I say this from my heart. They grow up so fast and these moments go by so quickly! 

The best part of my day was getting the mail today. My husband got me a mothers day present but there was a problem with his order so my present came late. See Mothers Day was such a great day. We had so much fun! The gift came at a perfect time, when I needed a reminder! (See last picture) 

Baking a cake for grandpa, we made our own strawberry frosting and it was fun using the purée mixer while crushing the bad guys! Lots of giggles! 

After snack time they looked for bugs:) 

When I got ready to take my bath that's what I found! Love it:) 

It is a necklace with the tree of life! The outer circle has the name of my three children on it! LOOOOVE!!! 

Lots of Love 


Friday, March 28, 2014

That's powerful

EWile my beautiful girl is waking up next to me, smiling and revealing her many dimples I feel at peace. The boys are still sleeping and this quiet house soon will transform into a mini football stadium:) 
Lately my brain felt like mush. No wonder with all that's on my mind diapers, feedings, bath, drinking enough water, transformers, race cars and laundry. We're is the important stuff? I know it's all important and I do believe that. I am talking about the self improvement I guess. 
I love to listen to great sermons and read a good book on how to live well while walking with God so I picked up this book called
"Scream free parenting" 
The author is a Christian man who explains how you as a parent have to take care of yourself first before you can parent well. 
It makes so much sense, doesn't it? Well we all know that our kids can get the best of us but knowing and truly believing that they have NOT enough control over us to push us to screaming, threatening etc. I personally don't want anybody to have that kind of control over me! We are tested on a daily basis... in the grocery store line, the slow driver in front of us, my coworker did not do his job right, the dry cleaner messed up my shirt, why on earth is my coffee cold:)! Fact is we are fast to blame others and our circumstances for our emotional outburst and our bad mood we get into, which lets be honest it just goes down hill from there. 
Our circumstances and people around us are not controlled by you or me, but the good news is that you can be i

n control of the way you react. When I think of that concept I vision a marionette! I really don't want anybody else to have that much power over me. And truly the outcome of our reactive emotions are never leading to any great results. Screaming might get you a temporary relief but long term you feel pretty bad about the person you are becoming and the people around you will withdraw from you and yes even your own kids. 
So the idea of being a marionette hopefully helps me to control my reactive emotions towards others. 

Happy Friday 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to my "baby"

Oh how do I dread this whole "letting go thing"! 
My first born baby boy Zachary turned 4! Let me take a moment to brag LOL:) 
He is the most loving little guy, he never fails to surprise us with his abundance of love for us. His curious nature and questions make our hearts jump! We love how he so many times answers his own questions and leaves us with dropped jars:)! 
He loves to collect marbles, figurines, and orbeez! His imagination is so great and I love to jump on his boat and drift into his world, so careless and simple yet exciting! 
Here is to you little man, to another year of great memories and sticking your toes out into the world even though mommy wants to hold you close but knows that your unshakable confidence will help you to concur the world!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much! 

Throwing rocks! 

"Going downhill gives me butterflies mommy" 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome Baby Julia

Hello my friends! 

We have big news.... Our baby girl was born 1 week ago and we are celebrating! Her birth was so peaceful and intimate, just simply amazing. I felt like I didn't miss a moment. I got to feel her kick in my belly for the last few times and got to stroke my big melon belly one more time before physically touching her and looking into her beautiful eyes! We are in love! Then all the firsts are happening, the first nursing session, the first cuddles, the first time  I am  just staring at her and thanking God for our special gift! The first time her brothers got to see her and the first time she comes home! To a home full of love, squeals, wild boys, excited puppies, and lots of questions! 
Whew it was a little overwhelming going from your small hospital room back to your daily life which does not slow down, little kids want to be picked up and played with, laundry doesn't wash itself, hungry little babes want their food:) and a newborn baby, well let's say it makes for an interesting ride. Sit back fasten your seatbelt because it's going to be a crazy ride full of up and downs! 
In the midst of that I just learned to give it to Him, to the one who knows my heart and gives me what I need to have a positive attitude even though at times I just want to hibernate and breath in new baby smell:) 
My husband is such an amazing man who's heart is with The Lord, you simply know and see it when you watch him taking care of his family with an amazing attitude! Yes I am thankfull and for the first time I am not trying to be super Mom and think I have to show the world that I have it together. I accept his help and I am so grateful. Our community is amazing as well... Our fridge is full of loving prepped meals, encouraging phone calls and messages come in on a daily basis and we feel so loved upon! 
Three little blessings in our home makes this house full of life! 

Julia two weeks before birth! 

Precious baby girl born on 
2/17/2014 @ 4:25pm 
9lbs 8oz 21.25 inches 

First day at home 

Daddy and his baby girl! 

Hair bands looootsss of them:) 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Wow it has been a while...again! Well to be honest I was always trying to find new ideas or inspiration to blog about and guess what. My family and I are inspiration enough. Trust me on that so here we are 2014 and I love writing, it's so therapeutic and reflective. Somehow putting my daily adventures in words make them so much ore meaningful and I like to visit my memories over and over again. 

2013- a chapter full of unexpected growth.

-my belly grew for sure, we are now 34 weeks pregnant and are getting a tad nervous about the upcoming life change, to be honest some days I am down right freaking out, but I do blame hormones for most of these moments of absolute anxiety. 

- my faith, what a transformation my life took when I committed my life to The Lord. It is a constant journey of learning and growing in Him. My family has been through a few darker seasons this year and I could have not gone through these seasons so strong without having faith. I gave it to Him and did not lean on my own understandings. It is is true that out of every dark seasons something good happens...just try to listen and you feel the blessings flow. 

- our boys are growing up quickly, and man I try to soak every moment up. These little innocent hugs and I love you's make it all worth the Toddler parenting stage. I almost ALWAYS have tears in my eyes and I choke up when these moments make my heart bigger. Some days I don't know how I can do this another day and then there they are my little sleepy heads all spread out in their cozy pajamas and yeah thats why because these beautiful souls have been entrusted with me. 

- my Husband and I are facing the challenges of a pretty busy life in what we absolutely make time for ourselves. Date nights are budgeted in our Budget. I always laugh when I look at my budget and see "lawn care" ha so funny I make sure my lawn does not overgrown with weeds and gets out of control but my marriage is far more worth than my lawn ( on most days...just kidding). Just imagine date nights take a pretty big part of our rock and soulmate deserve all the care in the world and is not measured in numbers. I would say my Husband made 2013 the best year ever when it comes to be a great amazing faithful leader to our family. He surprises me every day! 

- our first full year in Tennessee: We love our community and church. I am not exactly sure how to put it in words yet. All I can say you guys have been amazing. I do miss my friendships that we made living all over and am learning how to maintain them and keep my friends close. You girls will always be in my heart. 

2014- I really want to work on worrying less and give it to Him because I know my God will is just so darn difficult at times. And January 1st 2014 was off to an epic failure. I worried so much I revised my budget did a turbo tax estimate on our taxes, calculated paychecks etc.... Really Daniela you have a lot of work cut out or yourself:) 

Also I would like to laugh more and find joy in even the smallest things, the every day stuff if you know what I mean:)

Enough said for tonight I need to catch up on some snooze. Little man developed night terrors and they are exhausting for the two of us:) 

Happy New Year and God bless you! 

Little men in my life! 

Brothers soon to be big brothers!