Thursday, January 2, 2014


Wow it has been a while...again! Well to be honest I was always trying to find new ideas or inspiration to blog about and guess what. My family and I are inspiration enough. Trust me on that so here we are 2014 and I love writing, it's so therapeutic and reflective. Somehow putting my daily adventures in words make them so much ore meaningful and I like to visit my memories over and over again. 

2013- a chapter full of unexpected growth.

-my belly grew for sure, we are now 34 weeks pregnant and are getting a tad nervous about the upcoming life change, to be honest some days I am down right freaking out, but I do blame hormones for most of these moments of absolute anxiety. 

- my faith, what a transformation my life took when I committed my life to The Lord. It is a constant journey of learning and growing in Him. My family has been through a few darker seasons this year and I could have not gone through these seasons so strong without having faith. I gave it to Him and did not lean on my own understandings. It is is true that out of every dark seasons something good happens...just try to listen and you feel the blessings flow. 

- our boys are growing up quickly, and man I try to soak every moment up. These little innocent hugs and I love you's make it all worth the Toddler parenting stage. I almost ALWAYS have tears in my eyes and I choke up when these moments make my heart bigger. Some days I don't know how I can do this another day and then there they are my little sleepy heads all spread out in their cozy pajamas and yeah thats why because these beautiful souls have been entrusted with me. 

- my Husband and I are facing the challenges of a pretty busy life in what we absolutely make time for ourselves. Date nights are budgeted in our Budget. I always laugh when I look at my budget and see "lawn care" ha so funny I make sure my lawn does not overgrown with weeds and gets out of control but my marriage is far more worth than my lawn ( on most days...just kidding). Just imagine date nights take a pretty big part of our rock and soulmate deserve all the care in the world and is not measured in numbers. I would say my Husband made 2013 the best year ever when it comes to be a great amazing faithful leader to our family. He surprises me every day! 

- our first full year in Tennessee: We love our community and church. I am not exactly sure how to put it in words yet. All I can say you guys have been amazing. I do miss my friendships that we made living all over and am learning how to maintain them and keep my friends close. You girls will always be in my heart. 

2014- I really want to work on worrying less and give it to Him because I know my God will is just so darn difficult at times. And January 1st 2014 was off to an epic failure. I worried so much I revised my budget did a turbo tax estimate on our taxes, calculated paychecks etc.... Really Daniela you have a lot of work cut out or yourself:) 

Also I would like to laugh more and find joy in even the smallest things, the every day stuff if you know what I mean:)

Enough said for tonight I need to catch up on some snooze. Little man developed night terrors and they are exhausting for the two of us:) 

Happy New Year and God bless you! 

Little men in my life! 

Brothers soon to be big brothers! 

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