Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to my "baby"

Oh how do I dread this whole "letting go thing"! 
My first born baby boy Zachary turned 4! Let me take a moment to brag LOL:) 
He is the most loving little guy, he never fails to surprise us with his abundance of love for us. His curious nature and questions make our hearts jump! We love how he so many times answers his own questions and leaves us with dropped jars:)! 
He loves to collect marbles, figurines, and orbeez! His imagination is so great and I love to jump on his boat and drift into his world, so careless and simple yet exciting! 
Here is to you little man, to another year of great memories and sticking your toes out into the world even though mommy wants to hold you close but knows that your unshakable confidence will help you to concur the world!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much! 

Throwing rocks! 

"Going downhill gives me butterflies mommy" 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome Baby Julia

Hello my friends! 

We have big news.... Our baby girl was born 1 week ago and we are celebrating! Her birth was so peaceful and intimate, just simply amazing. I felt like I didn't miss a moment. I got to feel her kick in my belly for the last few times and got to stroke my big melon belly one more time before physically touching her and looking into her beautiful eyes! We are in love! Then all the firsts are happening, the first nursing session, the first cuddles, the first time  I am  just staring at her and thanking God for our special gift! The first time her brothers got to see her and the first time she comes home! To a home full of love, squeals, wild boys, excited puppies, and lots of questions! 
Whew it was a little overwhelming going from your small hospital room back to your daily life which does not slow down, little kids want to be picked up and played with, laundry doesn't wash itself, hungry little babes want their food:) and a newborn baby, well let's say it makes for an interesting ride. Sit back fasten your seatbelt because it's going to be a crazy ride full of up and downs! 
In the midst of that I just learned to give it to Him, to the one who knows my heart and gives me what I need to have a positive attitude even though at times I just want to hibernate and breath in new baby smell:) 
My husband is such an amazing man who's heart is with The Lord, you simply know and see it when you watch him taking care of his family with an amazing attitude! Yes I am thankfull and for the first time I am not trying to be super Mom and think I have to show the world that I have it together. I accept his help and I am so grateful. Our community is amazing as well... Our fridge is full of loving prepped meals, encouraging phone calls and messages come in on a daily basis and we feel so loved upon! 
Three little blessings in our home makes this house full of life! 

Julia two weeks before birth! 

Precious baby girl born on 
2/17/2014 @ 4:25pm 
9lbs 8oz 21.25 inches 

First day at home 

Daddy and his baby girl! 

Hair bands looootsss of them:)