Friday, March 28, 2014

That's powerful

EWile my beautiful girl is waking up next to me, smiling and revealing her many dimples I feel at peace. The boys are still sleeping and this quiet house soon will transform into a mini football stadium:) 
Lately my brain felt like mush. No wonder with all that's on my mind diapers, feedings, bath, drinking enough water, transformers, race cars and laundry. We're is the important stuff? I know it's all important and I do believe that. I am talking about the self improvement I guess. 
I love to listen to great sermons and read a good book on how to live well while walking with God so I picked up this book called
"Scream free parenting" 
The author is a Christian man who explains how you as a parent have to take care of yourself first before you can parent well. 
It makes so much sense, doesn't it? Well we all know that our kids can get the best of us but knowing and truly believing that they have NOT enough control over us to push us to screaming, threatening etc. I personally don't want anybody to have that kind of control over me! We are tested on a daily basis... in the grocery store line, the slow driver in front of us, my coworker did not do his job right, the dry cleaner messed up my shirt, why on earth is my coffee cold:)! Fact is we are fast to blame others and our circumstances for our emotional outburst and our bad mood we get into, which lets be honest it just goes down hill from there. 
Our circumstances and people around us are not controlled by you or me, but the good news is that you can be i

n control of the way you react. When I think of that concept I vision a marionette! I really don't want anybody else to have that much power over me. And truly the outcome of our reactive emotions are never leading to any great results. Screaming might get you a temporary relief but long term you feel pretty bad about the person you are becoming and the people around you will withdraw from you and yes even your own kids. 
So the idea of being a marionette hopefully helps me to control my reactive emotions towards others. 

Happy Friday 

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