Saturday, May 24, 2014

All is well with my soul tonight

Ask me about my weekend and so far I tell you it has been amazing. Last weekend was very different as all our three munchkins came down with a virus. But what makes my weekend so special is that if you would ask me what we did you might expect
"Oh we went to the beach for the weekend and visited this new water park. At night we visited a really fancy restaurant." 
We got up and enjoyed our coffees outside while the kids entertained themselves in the grass playing with bugs. We fulfilled the needs of hungry little Toddler tummies while nursing a baby and talking about the upcoming summer. Well not so upcoming summer since the 82 degrees at 9am pretty much hit you in the face. 

We then went to a wake to one of my husbands coworkers brother who passed away and was a former military member, he wanted to show his respect and condolences. I knew it meant a lot to my husband if we would come along. I was a bit nervous since my 3 kids are more like a traveling circus at times (in a good way, you know the main attraction that you will be talking about for weeks). But on the way over we explained to our four year old what we are doing and where we are going. This opened up a great Q&A about some very hard to address topics. When we arrived we found ourselves in this really quaint town where you instantly were surrounded by this magical mix of people, such an amazing community. 
We met the most loving and kind people who made us feel part of their special family by tending to our kids and engaging us in meaningful conversation about a Life that was celebrated on this sweet Memorial Saturday. Our kids settled quickly and found new friends ( Zach had a girl literally stalking him) their laughter lightened the heaviness of this gathering and reminded us of the Beauty what Life has to offer and the peace that only comes with knowing that The Lord gained another great man in heaven that day. 

After nap time and a round of golf for my hubby we decided to check out our new membership to our neighborhood pool and we had a great time. While the boys were splashing and jumping in the wading pool, I was taking in all the place has to offer and how I will spend time here with my 3 kiddos by myself. The planner in me never shuts of:). I watched a Mom of 7 kids, ranging from maybe 16 -2 years of age and wow she is an inspiration, such patience and kindness. So encouraging and inspiring. 

In the evening we let the kids play in the backyard while I prepped dinner for us. The kids ate first while we sat with them and tried various forms of knuckle knocks:) So fun to watch them doing that. After bath time and bedtime my husband and I enjoyed our "grown up dinner"! A quick Tritip on the grill with a salad on homemade avocado dressing( yummy)! We talked about how our faith has given us peace and what Gods purpose for us is right now. 

See our amazing weekend might not sound exciting to you but it was so intentional! We also knew we had some serious parenting to do in our kids and the best way to focus on these issues for us is to be intentional with each other and don't busy our minds too much so we are receptacle for Hods teaching moments. 

Love to you all. 


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