Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Target Living

That's it we are going to be a healthier family! Let me start by saying that we are not living super unhealthy, I mean we do eat out and splurge on junk food at times. 
It is really scary when you think about the fact that thirty percent of people in the entire world are obese. Just let this number sink in.
My husbands job site provided a voluntary seminar by the people of "On Target Living"! When I talked to him on the phone he sounded so excited about it, I could tell he wanted us to live healthier. Initially I was almost a little upset "whoa you mean I cook unhealthy and feed my kids junk?" 
But the next morning he left me two Information sheets on the counter, a chart that showed the bad, fair, good and super foods for adults and a separate chart for kids. My eyes immediately wandered to the bad food section and yep there it was. 

And so here we are making a commitment. I am not exactly sure how we do it yet but we are starting slowly. My two biggest concerns are: 

1. Budget
2. Time Management

We all know that organic can cost quiet a bit and I know for certain that not all grocery items will be organic, but definitely more natural. And time management concerns me because of my kids and me being a bit busy ( 3 kids under 4 explains it all)! But I am not discouraged because I know the benefit will outweigh the maybe stressful baking/ cooking times.

Here is what we think 
- definitely organic meat because of hormones and nitrates. 
- organic eggs 
- almond milk instead of cows milk, especially for the kids. 
- juices: I almost bought the Naked brand but the price shocked me a bit, afterwards I thought it is actually not that since we will add water anyways 
- organic teas served cold in the summer with honey as a sweetener, my kids weren't sure initially and made these really disgusted faces but they do tolerate and almost like it know. 
- organic yogurts ( if you by the pint you could add fresh strawberries or some chocolate morsels as a treat for the kids) 

Tonight I made Chicken Burger with tomato, lettuce, avocado and whole wheat buns served with homemade potato chips. It was really yummy. 

We try to be realistic and take it one step at a time, I am not sure I could live without my ranch or my hubby without his creamer but very little bit counts. Our DNA is designed to digest simple food not artificial processed foods. 

I will let you know how it goes and post recipes that I try. Please keep I mind that these recipes won't be strictly Gluten free or dairy free. I am still learning but super excites to have made this commitment for our family.


I love these guys with all my heart! 

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