Monday, May 19, 2014

The little Things

This post has probably been published over a million times in different languages, formats and wording. But it is so therapeutic to write it down and look at my masterpiece in the end:)

What can I say the last couple of days our two boys got sick one after another, it makes for loooooong days and my patience is being tested! Children melt down ten times faster when they sick, one cries the other one thinks he needs to sympathize and starts crying, attention spams are short, no appetites ( I listed the contents of my entire fridge and pantry) I even threw in ice cream but nope! 
So what can you do? Pray as often as you can and do it while you go potty since this is the only quiet moment you might get ( unless the cat busts the door) ! And so I did. Here we are taking one moment at a time! 

So we had a snack under the oak tree in our yard while reading a book, baked a yummy birthday cake for grandpa in heaven, played hide and seek ( I was hiding real good and enjoyed the giggles while they couldn't find me), we took two baths today (yes two one with foam overload), we snuggled while watching Peter rabbit and laughed a little louder at the funny scence! We tickled and snorted. My little baby girl was awesome and sweet as if she understood that Mama was a little extra busy! 
When they napped I picked up quickly, we baked a cake with a 2 year and 4 year old, let your imagination run wild:) and then I just enjoyed the alone time. House Hunters on TV was just about right while enjoying my lunch and checking out! ( now I have 10 more DIY ideas) 
In the evening my hubby came home and jumped right in:) we bathed the boys sang our happy Birthday to grandpa in heaven! Oh and on days like that I don't hesitate to make the executive decision to get take out! 
After all the germs today I felt I needed more then just a shower, those little buggers needed soaking till they fry off! LOL. And here I am sitting outside next to my hubby and enjoying Fireflies and crickets. Life is good more than good it's beautiful! 
I am so thankful and feel blessed trust me I say this from my heart. They grow up so fast and these moments go by so quickly! 

The best part of my day was getting the mail today. My husband got me a mothers day present but there was a problem with his order so my present came late. See Mothers Day was such a great day. We had so much fun! The gift came at a perfect time, when I needed a reminder! (See last picture) 

Baking a cake for grandpa, we made our own strawberry frosting and it was fun using the purée mixer while crushing the bad guys! Lots of giggles! 

After snack time they looked for bugs:) 

When I got ready to take my bath that's what I found! Love it:) 

It is a necklace with the tree of life! The outer circle has the name of my three children on it! LOOOOVE!!! 

Lots of Love 


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  1. Oh Daniela - thanks for sharing these moments from your life. We miss you so much and wish our kids were growing up together.