Saturday, June 28, 2014

Next time you see a minivan

WA little fun post to all your minivan drivers! 

"I will never drive a Minivan" does that sound familiar? 

Oh yeah that was me:) but that was before my second child was born who suffered from colic and acid reflux. We practically lived in the car.... And then child number 3 came along and that third row came in Handy! 

I was driving on the highway the other day and was observing other drivers and their cars! I couldn't help it but wonder what their story is! 
Here is mine and I am sure many other parents! 

1. Most all of us really did not choose the Minivan it chose us! 

2. It's not a minivan it's a "swagger wagon" don't you know that's kinda big deal? 

3. When we are swerving lanes it's not because we are texting or on the phone. No no we are preventing milk spills, breaking up fights, retrieving lost pacifiers or passing down a treat (that originally was meant for mom, but was discovered by big round eyes with squealing voices and long clawed fingers)! 

4. The radio, oh the radio! It's total dictatorship by anyone under 4! And if you see us pushing buttons repeatately on the radio it's not like we are looking for our favorite station (which I don't remember having one) it's because the word Mama is being shouted... Just to let you know to turn the music BACK on! 

5. Yes I love my automatic sliding doors but oh boys do I get embarrassed when they open in public. Hazmat seriously will have a great case if they ever get hold of my car! 

6. SURE I can drive (... Since you got so much room)! 

7. If you see a Munuvan in the summer parked with a running engine and yiu don't see anybody in the car DO NOT WORRY! We are having a "picnic" in the car because baby needs to nurse! 

8. NO I DONT KNOW where that smell is coming from! 

9. If you park next to a minivan expect delays since we are strapping a bunch of kids in:)! Sorry:) 

10. I do appreciate my minivan and it never let me down.... So far!! 

Share your funny minivan moment with us!

Have a blessed day and give that van of yours a wash!

Picnic in the van! Snacks are always handy. The kids don't mind ans actyky think it's an adventure. 

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  1. This was so funny! I never heard of a swagger wagon before.